Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Fruit Stripes Tape Manicure

Happy end of July, polished world!  Can you believe the month is already over??  Before we know it, the leaves will be falling off the trees and we will all be putting on our vampy fall polishes.  When we say goodbye to summer, we also say goodbye to our neon polishes, which is kind of a sad thing.  I will sometimes bust out a neon or two in the winter to cheer myself up, but they just aren't as fun when it's constantly cloudy!

So, I busted out my neons, because it's summer and they're screaming at me to use them.  I had found a tape manicure on Pinterest which used pastel polishes as a base, then white polish on the top.  I thought to myself "well white makes neons pop, so why not try this with a neon polish!"  The result: a manicure I was not 100% happy with, but didn't hate either.  It reminded me of Fruit Stripes gum, you know the gum with the zebra and the neon stripes?  If you don't remember this, then you need to go head on over to Google.  When I was growing up, my sister and I would get this gum all the time as a treat, so this manicure really made me thinks about the good old days!

Let's take a look.  Of course, neon polishes don't cooperate with the camera.  I also found that when white polish is added on top of neons, it's a huge "haha I'm not going to photograph well."  So I opted for some photos half in the shade and half in the sun.

Colors Used
  • China Glaze - I'm With the Lifeguard
  • China Glaze - Splish, Splash
  • Funky Fingers - Riot!
  • INM - Bikini
  • China Glaze - Sun Kissed
Totally summery, right?  To get the look, I started off with a thin coat of white polish.  When that was dried, with my nail art brush I painted on diagonal stripes of the neon polishes.  I added a quick dry top coat and let them set for about 10 minutes.  When they were dried, in the middle of each color stripe, I put down a piece of nail art tape.  I then added two coats of white polish to fully cover over the neons and quickly removed the tape.  Added one more coat of quick dry, and called it a night.

Overall a simple design.  I think I would have liked it better if my white polish didn't look so thick.  My bottle (even though I just bought it) is starting to get goopy, so working over tape wasn't the greatest of great ideas.  When I removed the tape, I had little hills and valleys on my nails thanks to the thickness of the white.   You can kind of see it in the pictures, but it was more noticeable in person, or well to just my crazy eyes.

What do you think?  Love, hate?  Remember fruit stripes? lol

Well, last post of July, that means the next post is going to be another Nail Artist of the Month!  I've already seen my featured artists manicure, and boy is it pretty.  You're really going to enjoy it!

Until next time, <3.

**INM Bikini was provided to me by INM.  All other polishes in this post I purchased**

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