Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Nail Art Wheel!

Merry Christmas to all of my followers who celebrate!!!  Hope you all are having or have had a great holiday!!!

I am so excited to show you my Christmas Nail Art Wheel that I have been working on for the past couple of weeks!  As I mentioned earlier this month, I finally took the plunge and purchased a set of 10 wheels from Sally Beauty.  I cannot begin to tell you how much fun I have had creating this wheel and how I cannot wait to use my other 9!!

Let's take a look at my wheel!  I apologize for the weird coloring.  Need to figure out how to photograph these things!  Any tips?

From holly, to figgy pudding, I think I covered all the different Christmas themes.  There are wayyyy too many colors to list what I did end up using.  As you can see, I did re-do some of the nails that I already have posted.  They were just so cute that I wanted to re-create them on a larger canvas to forever have!

While I love all of the designs, I am going to highlight two of them as being my favorite that I wish I had time to do on my nails for the actual holiday.

The first is the Christmas Sweater nail!

For this nail, I used Zoya in Livingston as a base, then Sinful Colors in Snow Me White for the white.  After I did two coats of Livingston, I taped four pieces of nail art tape across the nail.  With my nail art brush, in between each segment of tape, I created little pointed arches, then filled in the white from the arch down.  When I had this random star shape, I slowly removed the tape.  With a medium sized dotting tool, I added dots to the top and bottom of the nail, then to the middle of the design.  I don't think that I could have gotten this look on my little canvas, so I'm really happy I was able to do it on my nail art wheel since it is a design I always wanted to try.  Maybe I will have to grow my nails out to accomplish them on my own canvases next year!

The next nail I want to highlight is the snowy Christmas tree!

To get this look, I started off with a base coat of Sinful Colors - Snow Me White.  When that was dried, I created a gradient using Ulta - Blue Streak, Sally Hansen - Blue Away!, and Sinful Colors - Snow Me White.  I dabbed it on the nail wheel a couple of times and admired the pretty blue gradient.  I added a top coat of INM Northern Lights to make it look like a sparkly sky!  When it was dried, I added some white polish to the tip of the wheel to make it look like a snow scene.  With Zoya - Hunter and my nail art brush, I added the trees, a small one in the background, and a larger one in the foreground.  As Hunter was drying, I used a small dotting tool and added some snow flakes and the little stars on the top of the trees.  Then I went back through ad added the snow on the trees.  Now that I'm looking at this design, I'm kind of wishing I added some red dots to the trees to make them look like they had little lights or Christmas bulbs on them.  Hmmm, maybe I will re-do this design without the stars when it's really snowy!

What do you think of my first nail art wheel?  Do you have a favorite?

Tomorrow or the next day, I'll share with you my very simple manicure I did for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  I was rather upset that I hadn't used one of my Christmas glitters, so I took off my Santa's and painted something so pretty that I'm really loving!

I hope you all have a very blessed Christmas and enjoy your day!  Talk to you soon!

Until next time, <3.

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