Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Twinsie Tuesday: My Nail Polish Collection

Good morning Polished Peeps!  How are you all today?  I'm really good because I honestly thought this post was not going to happen today.  Reason being, I had no idea how to go about it!  I'm good at bringing you my nail art designs, but anything else I seem to get a tad panicky about!

For Twinsie Tuesday this week, we were prompted to share our Nail Polish Collection.  Seems simple, right?  In all honesty, it totally is, but my mind kind of went overboard.  How should I share it?  Should I line it all up by brands or colors?  Should I do colors by brand??  Ahhhh so many ways to share!  I finally figured it out and cleaned my drawers along the way.

Are you ready?? Keep reading to see!

What I didn't take a picture of is my actual storage unit.  I have a three drawer Melmer (you know the Michael's craft store version of a Helmer...goodness I need an Ikea so I can get a Helmer).  On top of the Melmer, I have two plastic bins which used to store my polish that now hold the overflow, which is just my glitter polishes.

First up, we have the bottom drawer, which is my favorite of the color drawers.

Can you see why this is my favorite color drawer?  Look at all my blues, purples, and pinks!  I'm a huge fan of blue and purple.  Whenever I go into a store, those are the colors I gravitate towards.  You can never have too many in my opinion.  After re-organizing my melmer, I was honestly shocked how many pinks I have.  I don't tend to use pink that much, but I guess subconsciously I really enjoy them just as much as my blues and purples.

While I was organizing, I decided to photograph each polish in my stash.  I think I ended up missing four pinks, but they were pretty much gone and I only use them for art so they don't count.  If you want to know what any of these colors are, please comment below and let me know!  I'm a weirdo and have pretty much memorized all my colors.

Time to go to the middle drawer.....

Middle drawer contains all my yellows/golds, browns/coppers, reds, corals/oranges, greens, and silver, blacks, and whites.  This drawer used to contain my glitters as well, but they expanded and grew.  This drawer is honestly a nail art drawer to me.  I feel I use my other colors for bases, whereas I use these colors for details.  I think the most commonly used colors for bases in this drawer are my whites and mints.

Just another collage, again if you want to know any specific colors, let me know!  My favorite are the mint polishes which you can see intermingled among the greens.  Oh, I also love my silver OPI and my trusted OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls.

Top drawer in the melmer!

This drawer is my favorite nail art supplies!  Okay, well I have my top and base coats in here but those are a necessity.  Then at the top we have some binder stickers for half moons, random stamping plates I can't figure out how to use, and my trusted three hole punches.  Then in the little organizers we have my brushes, dotting tools, nail art tweezers, and some scotch tape, and next to it in the little square is nail art tape, q-tips, toothpicks, and my magnet for my China Glaze Magnetix.  Then with my top/base coats we have my Orly Instant Artist Stripers which I love, and my scotch tape.  In the final little organizer I have my make up sponges, nail art wheels, and chevron scissors.  Oh how I love this drawer and all the designs I can make because of what it contains!

Finally we have my overflow drawer!  The glitters!

Sorry folks, I didn't collage this one for you.  I got really lazy after doing all the other photos.  Maybe next time.  If there is something that is catching your eye, I can always photograph it and tweet it to you or something.  While I love this drawer, the saddest thing about it is that I rarely use glitter because of my nail art.  I think I'm going to make a concerted effort to start using more of them, because seriously look at all the glittery pretties!  My favorite is that OPI In True Stefani Fashion which is peeking it's way out in the front there.  I'm also noticing in this photo China Glaze It's a Trapeze and I really need to use that again.  Oh and my Salon Perfect Floam dupe which I searched everywhere for and forgot I owned!

Whew, post done!  Today I'm expecting some nail mail from Zoya so this post already has outdated itself and my stash will be growing.  If you ever are curious to see my mini stash grow, check out the "My Stash" page!  I have an updated version to go in once I receive a few more polishes.

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Until next time, <3.

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