Monday, May 22, 2017

The One With The Summery ORLY Dry Brush Mani

Good morning polished world and Happy Monday!  I apologize for not posting yesterday, but I thought I didn't have any photos editted, but in reality I did.  So I rushed and editted these photos to just see the random drafts all ready to go.  I need to get on a much better blogging schedule.

Well, the weather here is still crazy as all crazy.  It was in the 80s last week, and now it's in the 50s.  It's causing havoc on my sinuses and allergies.  On top of it, with all this weather changing, there has been a lot of rain, which is causing a lot of flooding along the lakeshore.  I feel horrible, people's houses are literally falling into the lake.  It's very sad, yesterday we took a drive through some of the areas and roads are literally gone.

Anyways, since the weather is crappy, I thought I would share a bright, fun dry brush manicure using some of my favorite ORLY neon polishes.  Seriously, China Glaze and ORLY make my favorite neon polishes.

Let's take a look!

Colors Used:
  • ORLY -For The First Time
  • ORLY - Thrill Seeker
  • ORLY - Sea You Soon
  • ORLY - White Tips
  • ORLY - Liquid Vinyl
Isn't it amazing, this is like the third manicure in a row where I've used the same brand.  At least I think it is.  I should go back and look at my past posts.  Regardless, ORLY, China Glaze, and OPI are becoming staples in my stash, alongside my Sally Hansen polishes.  I am kind of curious to find out how many of each brand I own.

I love how these colors go together.  Thrill Seeker is one of my all time favorite neon polishes.  It's a bright yellow-green neon that when used on it's own covers in two coats.  Unlike Glowstick by ORLY which covers in like ten billion coats.  Well Glowstick also is more of a highlighter green, whereas this has a green tinge to it.

Sea You Soon is the blue polish used in this manicure.  It is part of the new summer collection and I cannot wait to wear it on it's own.  It's soooo pretty.  It's a shimmery version of Skinny Dip.  I should swatch them side by side....

What do you think?  Like this look?  Fan of the ORLY neon polishes??

Until next time, <3.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

The One With the OPI Dot Gradient

Nothing to Disclose

Good morning polished world!  Happy Thursday to you all!  It's going to be 87 degrees here today, so that means I'm breaking out the flip flops.  Although, I need to paint my toes.  I've been holding off on doing a pedicure yet because the temperature is going to drop back down in the 60s next week.  The weather cannot make up it's mind.

Today is polka dot day at my work, so it's only fitting that I share a polka dot manicure with you!  With this warmer weather I've been feeling warmer, summer colors.  A few weeks ago I purchased a few of the shades from the OPI Fiji collection.  Normally I don't gravitate towards orange and yellow polishes, but OPI has some awesome creams, so I couldn't say no to these.

Let's take a look!

Colors Used:
  • OPI - My Boyfriend Scales Walls
  • OPI - No Tan Lines
  • OPI - Exotic Birds Do Not Tweet
  • OPI - Hey Baby
Oh my goodness, I love No Tan Lines and Exotic Birds Do Not Tweet.  I need to actually swatch them, but they are just so bright and perfect.  I cannot wait to use them as a base.  The other day I used a yellow polish and I should have used Exotic Birds, but instead stupidly went for a pale yellow.  Okay, it wasn't stupid because the manicure is really cute, but I need to swatch this pretty.

I love this color combination.  I got the idea from seeing a similar manicure over on Pinterest.  I believe it was by TrendyPolish but do not quote me.  I think I want to do this manicure again but with a black base and some bright, bright neons.

What do you think?  Like this color combination?  Fan of these OPI polishes??

Look at me posting all week.  I'm so proud of myself.  Now I need to edit more photos for the 7 posts that I have drafted......

Until next time, <3.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The One With Zoya Rikki and Some Daisies

Good morning polished world!  How are you all doing on this fine Tuesday.  As promised I am going to be actually blogging more consistently.  Ten dollars bets I'll be consistent for like a week and then forget to blog all next week.  My life, what can I say.

The weather is getting warmer and Spring is certainly here.  Every time I sit and paint my nails, I want to do something floral just because of the weather.  You think I'd be getting tired of floral nails, but I don't think I ever will.  They're always just so cute.

Let's take a look at today's floral!

Colors Used:
  • Zoya - Rikki
  • Acrylics
Isn't it so cute?!  I forgot that I owned Zoya Rikki.  It's a gorgeous foil green polish with those gold metallic flecks throughout.  It has such dimension to it because of those flecks.  Two coats and full coverage.  Pain in the booty to remove though.  I feel like all the polishes from that collection were a pain.  I need to go through my stash and find them all and actually use them again.  They were gorgeous foils.

What do you think?  Like this simple daisy look?  Something good for Spring?

Until next time, <3.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

The One With OPI Polly Want a Lacquer? and Daisies

Good morning polished world!  Happy Sunday and Happy Mother's Day to all the mom's out there!  We are laying low here today for our celebrations.  Just going to my sister's house for some food and relaxing.  Yesterday I literally slept most of the day, then baked for today, did my nails, and edited a ton of photos.  So today relaxing sounds kind of eh, but I'm sure I'm going to love it.

That's right, I finally got around to editing posts.  So now I have about 4 out of 7 done.  Tomorrow I'm going to try to do the rest and then, get this, I'm going to pre-publish the posts as well.  That's the goal, but I doubt it will happen.

Today's post is a cute floral print which I think is nice for Mother's Day.   This lavender purple is my great grandmother's favorite color, so whenever I wear it I think of her.  So in the end, this really is a fitting manicure for today.

Let's take a look!

Colors Used:
  • OPI - Polly Want a Lacquer?
  • OPI - My Boyfriend Scales Walls
  • OPI - This Crown Needs a Gown
  • OPI - In True Stefani Fashion
Yup, you read that right, I used all one brand for this manicure.  I love having a collection large enough that I'm able to do so.  Speaking of the size of my collection,  I really need to build my new Melmers because the overflow right now is ridiculous.  That, or I need to get some sort of shelving.  I think the Melmer building makes more sense.

Anyways, I got off topic.  Polly Want a Lacquer? is a gorgeous purple shade which covered completely in two coats.  I absolutely love this shade.  Perfect for Spring, and honestly I think it will look great for summer pedicures.

What do you think?  Like this polka dotted floral design?  Fan of the purple polish?

Until next time, <3.