Saturday, November 3, 2018

The One With October's #MonthlyManiFavs

Good morning polished world!  Welcome to November.  Rainy, foggy November.  If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw my foggy morning yesterday which I posted to my story.  It was so creepily cool.  Now I need to hope for a warm weekend so I can put my Christmas lights up!  Don't worry, I just put them on the trees and bushes, I don't actually turn them on until after Thanksgiving.

Since it's the first post of the new month, that means it's time to share my Monthly Mani Favs for October!  Nice little mixture of Fall and Halloween designs.  October is such a weird month because it's still warm, it's Fall, and there's Halloween.  Therefore I usually end up having a smorgasbord of different looking manicures.  Kind of proud of myself that this year I kind of had similarly themed ones for the whole month.

Let's take a look at the favorites! 

  • The One With ORLY Olive You Kelly and Sunflowers - Absolutely love ORLY's Olive You Kelly.  Talk about a perfect green for Fall!  Then with the sunflowers on top, this truly is the perfect Summer to Fall transition manicure.
  • The One With the Spooky Spider Web Manicure - Serendipity Polish holo + creepy fog look + spider webs = perfect Halloween manicure.  Really love this different twist to a design I do almost yearly.
  • The One With Ghosts and Googly Eyes - Love this manicure!  It was such a cute Halloween design.  Kind of sad I found a dress that would match it too late in the season and was unable to order it in time.  Hopefully they'll have something cute like it for next year!
  • The One With the Fall Leaves - AHHH guys!  This is my favorite manicure!  First time I was able to master the leaf manicure which I have been attempting each year since this blog started.  This is one of my proudest accomplishments since I started this blog and really showed me how much I've grown as a nail artist.
What do you think?  Fan of any of these designs?  Would you have picked something different?

Until next time, <3.

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