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Well hello again, polished peeps!  I hope you are doing well!!  Did you enjoy my new Nail Artist of the Month feature??  I really enjoyed it and cannot wait for June!!!  I already have a few people in mind.  Before I start babbling, let's move onto my own nails!

Oh Zoya, you have really hit a home run with the Stunning Collection.  This collection consists of 6 fun colored cream polishes.  When I first saw the press release, the nail artist in me needed all of them because they are PERFECT shades for different nail art designs.  Just as I did with the Pixie Dust Polishes, I wanted to get a feel for all of these polishes.  I needed to see what the colors looked like on a nail and how they worekd with my nail art supplies, such as dotting tools and nail art tape.  In my last mani, I was able to practice with my dotting tool, so it was time to determine if the Zoya Stunning polishes were good tape mani polishes.  I was quick to find, they were!!!!

Let's take a look!  Forgive the pictures, my light box hated me.  Good news though, now that it's Spring and the sun seems to be in the right part of the sky, I'm able to start taking outdoor photos again!!! 

Colors Used:
  • Sinful Colors - Snow Me White
  • Zoya - Josie
  • Zoya - Rocky
  • Zoya - Micky
  • Zoya - Thandie
  • Zoya - Darcy
Aren't they so bright and pretty???  Now for those of you who do not like nail art tape, or claim to not be able to use it, I truly believe it is not a problem with you, but instead with the polish that you are using.  So I shall now share my little tips and tricks to get the perfect tape manicure.  First tip, work one nail at a time.  You can tape all your nails at once if you like, but whatever you do, apply your tape and remove one at a time.  If you do all at once, you can smudge a nail or have polish drying too fast and the tape not removing right.  Secondly, do NOT use a super fast drying polish.  Those 60 second fast dries or even Essence polishes never work.  The polish dries too fast, it will dry to the tape, so when you remove the tape, you will be removing the polish as well.  Finally, always paint two thin coats over the tape.  I know that some bloggers say do one thicker coat or just one coat, but I find this never works.  I personally want my tape manicure top color to be dark if it's black, and vibrant if it is a color.  When working with black, let's face it, there always is a bald spot and who wants that.  I will paint one thin coat on and let it dry completely.  Once dried, I will paint a second coat on, then remove after about 10 seconds.

What I love about the Zoya Stunning polishes is that they are all bright and vibrant with one coat.  They also dry fast, but not too fast that they do not work with a tape manicure.  I found that they were the perfect dry time.  By the time I was done doing all 10 of my nails, I really didn't need to put on my OTD Top Coat because my nails were completely dried.  

I would have been perfectly fine to break my own rule and do 1 coat on each nail before tape removal, but instead, I did one thin, followed by another.  I waited my 10 seconds and began removing tape, and I had no issues of the polish peeling off weird or having uneven lines.  Now the pointer finger is a tad funky because I had a boo boo and some tape stuck to it while wet and I had to touch it up with a nail art brush, but all other nails are perfection.

If I had to pick a favorite color from the Stunning Collection, well that's a tough one.  I think right now I'm in love with Micky because I have a great nail art idea for it.  It's the perfect bubblegum pink polish.  I also enjoy Josie because I do not have a green polish in this color.  It's perfect for leaves, which now that it is flower season, I will be doing a lot of.  Darcy is a gorgeous bright yellow which I can see myself using for many different flowers as well.  I even have a great nail art idea using that polish as the base.  Thandie is a great orange too, it isn't too bright, and it isn't too dark.  Rocky, well you saw my rave about it in my last post.  See, I told you that I can't pick just one!  I still have yet to use Yana, but that is a darker pink cream which is just drop dead gorgeous as well.  I did swatch it on a nail quickly, but since I was dead set on using Micky, I put Yana in the corner and painted on.

If you're looking for some great one coat creams, I highly recommend these polishes!

What do you think of the Stunning collection?  Are you a lover of the plain tape manicure or want me to dig deep into my nail art brain and come up with some more ideas using these GORGEOUS creams?  Have any questions about how to get the perfect tape mani...please ask!!!

Well darlings, until next post, <3.

**The 2013 Zoya Stunning Collection was provided by Zoya for Promotional Purposes.  The nail art tape was provided by the Born Pretty Store.  I purchased Sinful Colors Snow Me White.  The opinions expressed are my own, please view my disclosure policy**

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