Precision Lacquer - Shake Your Bon Bon with Zoya Sailor

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Hi everyone!  Sorry for being MIA the past few days, but as you may or may not know I have been rather sick.  It all started last Tuesday with a little cough, then by Wednesday afternoon I could barely move.  I have spent way too many hours in bed, but it was much needed as I'm slowly starting to feel better.

Typically, the first post of the month goes to a selected Nail Artist of the Month.  I have a certain artist picked out, but she has gotten sick as well, therefore we are delaying that post for a few more days, weeks, whatever.  It's more important to get healthy than to get that post up in my opinion.

I still have a really pretty manicure to bring you today so have no fear!  I did this manicure a few weeks ago with Zoya Sailor and Precision Lacquer Shake Your Bon Bon.  Both colors I have had for a while now but have yet to use.  I'm kind of kicking myself for delaying because both polishes are beautiful.  When you add them together, it's just amazing.

Let's take a look....

Colors Used:
  • Zoya - Sailor
  • Precision Lacquer - Shake Your Bon Bon
This tape manicure was inspired by this manicure by @_nailsbymeg on Instagram.  I loved the glitter with the cream and the unique tape design that I knew I had to re-create it.  Originally, I was going to re-create this manicure with Zoya Hunter and Precision Lacquer 18 Carat Cake, but I decided to switch the colors up.  Plus, green and gold, not really my thing.  I'm sure I would have loved it, but I definitely gravitate more towards blue.

The taping was kind of a pain in the rear, but totally worth it in the end.  I had to use 10 different pieces of tape in total.  If I had to do this on all my nails, I would have gone insane.  It takes a steady hand and a bit of patience to get the outer triangles to line up with the main criss-cross through the nail.

Zoya Sailor is the perfect navy polish which I am just in love with.  It had an amazing formula which was almost a one coater.  I did two coats just to even out a few bald spots.  The only thing that was weird for me with this polish was that my pointer finger dried shiny, and my pinkie matte.  It made no sense to me, but I knew I wanted a shiny manicure so I just added OTD and it fixed it.

Shake Your Bon Bon by Precision Lacquer is a microglitter I really think everyone should have.  It is part of their Sprinkles Collection alongside 18 Carat Cake and Hazel & Gretal.  For my middle finger, I used three coats to get complete coverage.  If I did two thicker applications, I could have gotten away with two, but I was a tad light.  For my taped finger, you can see how awesome the coverage really was as there really are no bald spots.  Plus, you can kind of tell how sparkly it was.  My camera couldn't focus properly on the whole manicure because of all the sparkle!

What do you think?  Loving the blue manicure?  Did anyone else have the weird matte and shiny drying with Zoya Sailor?

If you want to snag a bottle of Zoya Sailor, it is available as part of the Fall Cashmere collection on Zoya's website for $8.00 per bottle.  This week Zoya is starting their Flash Promos, so who knows maybe you can snag a bottle for free.

Precision Lacquer Shake Your Bon Bon, and the other polishes from the Sprinkle Collection, are available on their website for $3.97 on sale from $5.95.  Not sure how long the sale is going on for since I just noticed it when I was adding the link.

For a sick girl, this post is long winded.  I guess I have missed blogging a lot in my mini absence!!!

Until next time, <3.

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