August Nail Artist of the Month

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Good morning polished world!  Happy August!  I cannot believe that August is already here.  That means that my birthday is right around the corner though!!

Since it is the first post of the month, that means it is time for me to intoduce you all to another lovely nail artist!  This month I have selected Shannon from CoffeeAndNailPolish on Instagram!  When I discovered her on Instagram, I knew that I had to feature her!  I love how she creates different nail art looks, then always poses her nails with a cup of coffee.  Such a stinkin cute idea!

Enough of my babbling, time to hand the blog over to Shannon!


Hey everyone! My name is Shannon and I'm the nails behind @coffeeandnailpolish. I can't tell you how excited I am that Alaina asked me to be this months Nail Artist of the Month! 

I've been obsessed with nail polish for a long, long time! But it was only around 2010 I discovered nail art blogs and started trying out different techniques, some which the end result were not all that pretty! Haha. I kept at it though, and last year (on the encouragement of friends and family) I started my very own nail art blog Coffee & Nail Polish. In September I finally I joined Instagram and had the opportunity to meet and discover so many amazing nail artists. Which has definitely upped my brave factor when it comes to nails! 

One of my favourite manicures to do are chevron moons. Now, I am not very good when it comes to tape manicures--tape and I are just not friends. So I had to learn how to create my chevron moons freehand which is really now as difficult as you'd think! 

For this manicure, the polishes I used were:

China Glaze What's She Dune?
Art Club Duo in Bubblegum Pink
Art Club Duo in Neon Pink
Art Club Duo in Baby Blue 
QUO by ORLY striper in Gold
QUO by ORLY striper in White 
Seche Vite 
Gold studs (Born Pretty Store item #8644)


To get this look it's super simple. First, create your chevron pattern. I did this by applying China Glaze What's She Dune? Let dry a couple minutes. Next, start at bottom of nude chevron pattern and start drawing your stripes using your striper in which ever colours you've chosen. Alternate colours until you've covered all the nude. When you've created all your stripes, finish with your top coat of choice to seal everything in. I added some pretty gold studs then coated everything with top coat again (I used both Essence Gel Look top coat and Seche Vite to surround my studs completely and keep them firmly in place.) and that's it! You're all done! All that's left is to enjoy with your coffee of choice! (I'm a triple shot soy latte kind of girl myself.) 

Thank you all for checking out this fun chevron mani! And thank you SO much Alaina for letting me share my nails and be this months Nail Artist! 


Loving this pink chevron manicure!!! I don't know why I haven't though about using my stripers to create chevrons.  I always thought that since I don't have nail vinyls and I'm too lazy to cut tape that I wouldn't ever be able to do it.  I might have to re-create this manicure.

Make sure to check out and follow Shannon on Instagram!

Thank you Shannon for this awesome post!!

Until next time, <3.

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