Serendipity Polish: Call Me Boss Lady Collection Swatch and Review

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Good morning polished world!  How are you all doing today?  I'm trying to cram in some swatches among my nail art, so you're going to see a bit more of me lately than usual.  I try to stick to the every 3 day posting schedule, but I have way too many drafts that it's making me nervous.  Plus some of my drafts are these Fall collections and I really want to get them out to you while they're still new.

Today I am sharing with you the new Serendipity Polish Call Me Boss Lady Collection!  Earlier this year I purchased the Beach, Please summer collection was super impressed.  All polishes were one coat creams with super fast dry times, which for a nail artist like myself, I could get a lot of use out of.  On top of that they are gorgeous colors.  When I saw on Serendipity Polish's Instagram page that they introduced a Fall line, I didn't think twice.  I immediately purchased the polishes because I knew I wouldn't be sorry!  Plus with the name "Call Me Boss Lady", I couldn't resist.

Thank you to Sarah from 25 SweetPeas who created this awesome collage for me.  I tried to but it just didn't work out well.  That girl is a guru when it comes to graphics and collages.

Anyways, the Call Me Boss Lady collection consists of four creams and one holographic polish.  Let's take a closer look!

First up is Get It Girl, a gorgeous navy blue polish.  Never can have too many blue polishes in your collection.  Mine is severely lacking navy's so this is a welcome addition.  Two coats for the swatch above.  I felt that it was a little more watery than your average cream, you can get away with one, but I did two since I had some patches on my index finger.  Gorgeous finish and shine without a top coat.

Next up is Cash Flow Queen - a gorgeous hunter green shade.  I only own one other like this and it's Zoya Hunter.  I'm going to compare bottles and see if they're similar or not, in my mind the Serendipity one is a bit brighter, which is fine with me.  I kind of like my darker greens to be lighter, if that makes sense.  Anyways, two coats for the swatch above.  Beautiful cream which I can for sure tell you that you can get full coverage in one coat.  Fast drying, gorgeous shine.

Next we have Less Whine, More Whine, a beautiful burgundy polish.  Every girl needs a shade like this.  I have a few and I don't use them as often as I should because I feel like they look odd on me.  This one though is absolutely gorgeous and I think went well with my skin tone.  Watery consistency like Get It Girl, but it wasn't anything make or break for me.  I did have to use two coats for full coverage.  Has a very similar finish as Get It Girl.  Beautiful shine.

Holy holo, next up is the GORGEOUS CE0,000,000.  The polish that everyone is going to be talking about but have no idea how to pronounce.  It is an amazing charcoal holographic polish.  If you like holo, then you MUST have this in your collection.  Two coats for full coverage.  I will be getting a lot of use out of this baby!!

Last but not least, we have Building My Empire.  ORLY Liquid Vinyl, you now have some competition.  This might be my new favorite black nail polish.  Application is PERFECT.  Complete coverage in one, yes one, coat.  I used two for the swatch above.  I will be using this a lot and purchasing some back ups.  Absolutely gorgeous.  Beautiful finish.

What do you think?  Fan of this collection?  Which is your favorite??

The polishes are available now on Serendipity Polish's website.  All creams are $6 each and the holo is $8.  You can purchase the whole collection for $26.00.  Shipping was cheap and fast.  I kid you not, I ordered my polishes around 11pm on Thursday and received them Monday mid afternoon.  Honestly guys, you can't go wrong and I highly suggest you check out this brand.

I really hope they release a winter collection.  It will be in my cart within minutes of them releasing it.

I'll be working on some nail art with these lovelies in the next few weeks, so stay tuned!!!  

Until next time, <3.

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