The One With June's #MonthlyManiFavs

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Good morning polished world!!  Happy July to you all.  Can you believe that the Fourth of July is almost around the corner?  Sadly I think I'm going to have one manicure for it this year, which I should probably post tomorrow since it's the 2nd today.  Goodness, I don't have enough time to breath lately it feels like.

Luckily though, here I am remembering to post my Monthly Mani Favorites for June!  Only had 7 manicures this month, which I don't even know why I didn't post more.  Other than the fact I did have a week of just wearing swatches while my nail grew out.  I bet that's why I did it because I was scared that I was going to run out of manicures to share.  I worry too much.

Anyways, let's take a look at my favorites!

  • The One With the Random ORLY Gradient Manicure - Love this design because I was able to get my gradient skills back.  Plus, do you see that neon?!  I need all of the neons in my life.  Has someone made a neon holo yet?
  • The One With the Negative Space Daisies - I love negative space manicures, and now that my damaged nail has grown out, I'm able to do them again.  Actually wearing one now as I type this.  I bet that means you're going to know what my next design will be.  Anyways, I have a bunch of negative space florals I want to try and cannot wait to share with you all!
  • The One With Daisies and ORLY Blue Suede - Guys, look how amazing Blue Suede is by ORLY.  Speaking of holo, I think that I need to make this holo using a top coat.  It's just so damn beautiful.  And of course, adding dots and daisies on top of it makes it even more fantastic.
  • The One With the China Glaze Tribal Manicure - I swear I've done this design a million times over, but it's still a good one.  Love the color combination, love the tribal's just all beautiful.
What do you think?  Have a favorite?  Think I missed one?

Until next time, <3.

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