The One With July's #MonthlyManiFavs

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Good morning polished world and welcome to Thursday!  Can you believe the week is almost over?  And that August is here?  And that I didn't get this post up yesterday.  I actually can believe the last one.  I really, really, really need to sit down and pre-publish my posts and get a more organized schedule.  I also realized that my comment section isn't working on the blog, and I truly have no clue how to fix it.  Ugh.

Anyways, welcome to August, the Sunday of Summer.  Someone posted that the other day and ugh there's so much truth behind it.  August though is a fun month.  My birthday, the annual family picnic at work....just so much going on that's fun!  Before though we get into all that, it's time to take a look at July's Monthly Mani Favs!

Let's look!

  • The One With the Butterfly Nail Art - I have decided that I'm going to do some sort of annual purple butterfly post in honor of my friend's friend who passed away from a horrible disease.  Click on the post to learn a little bit more behind this manicure and my reasons why I'm going to do so. :)
  • The One With the Dainty Dot Flower - Love, love, LOVED this manicure!  One of my most popular ones in a long time.  I feel like my Instagram account hasn't gotten a lot of hits lately, and i'm losing followers left and right.  But as soon as I posted this design and another shot of it, the like's kept coming and the followers started up again.  Of course though the next design they fell right off again, but it is what it is.  By far one of my favorite designs that I've ever done.
  • The One with the Orange Floral Manicure - Loved this design too, which was inspired by mvargas_nails on Instagram.  Only thing I didn't like was that my nails were stained afterwards, but it was well worth it.
  • The One With the Pink Smoosh Manicure - Nothing better than a good smoosh manicure.  Add a neon polish in there, and you have an awesome one!  This pink by ORLY was beyond bright!

What do you think?  Which was your favorite?  

Until next time, <3.

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