The One With the Creepy Drippy Manicure

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Good Morning Polished World!  Can you believe I'm back and posting again. You probably all thought I would disappear again, but nope.  Here I am.  I have too many Halloween designs to share to disappear back into the void of my busy life.  Getting back on Instagram and Blogging really felt good and I don't want to disappear again for awhile. 

Today's design is one I originally wasn't going to do.  I set out to create another spider web manicure, but my hand was quite shaky and my lines looked horrible.  Earlier in the day, I spray painted a pallet for a Halloween craft and I somehow managed to pull a muscle in my wrist while doing so.  I kid you not my arm hurt for a solid three days after.  Note to self: when I have to spray paint the top coat, I need to remember to alternate hands or take a break!

Anyways, since the spider webs didn't work out and I had a wonderful green base, I thought that some drips would look good and it would stick with the Halloween theme.

Let's take a look!

Colors Used:
  • China Glaze - Drink Up Witches
  • ORLY - Liquid Vinyl
Okay, so Drink Up Witches is one of the best neon green polishes that I own.  You can use this on top of a white with about one coat, or three coats on it's own.  You can get away with two coats if you are careful with how you apply it.  It can be a bit thin if you don't have enough on the brush since it's kind of a jelly consistency.  Regardless, gorgeous green.

I do enjoy the drip manicures.  They're really easy to do but took like they would take awhile to accomplish.  I always start off with an acrylic outline then fill it in with the polish.  Add a top coat and you have the perfect, eye catching manicure.

What do you think? Fan of this Halloween look?

Until next time, <3.

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