I know, I know, I stink at posting

12:09:00 AM

Yes, I fail at posting.  I wrote up a post earlier today (well now it's yesterday since it's midnight here) and then just never got around to fully editing it and posting.  I've had a headache all day thanks to this lovely hot cold weather we're having, so my mind just was not in it.  Seriously, it was 98 and humid here two days ago, and today it was 78 with no humidity.  My sinuses are AWFUL.

I will be posting either Saturday or Sunday with a simple manicure, then will be back at it with my every three day posting.  I hope...lol.  No I will not be leaving you hanging out to dry, I will be posting.  The every 2 day thing though was getting crazy and I used up a lot of my pre-published posts, so right now I'm kind of behind.  Do not fear though, I have a lot of ideas stashed away and I will not stop painting and sharing anytime soon.  I just hit a lil speed bump lol.

While I am writing this quick post, I would like to add that my thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and families of the awful tragedy in Colorado.  Such an awful thing to happen to innocent people sitting and enjoying a midnight screening of a movie.  I pray that peace will be brought to the Aurora community and those affected.  I hope the families find comfort in knowing that their loved ones are in a much better place. <3

Until next time, have a great night.  Oh, and Hi to my new followers!!! This week I hit 200 followers on Twitter and I'm now over 70 followers on here!  It's amazing to me, and I never thought I'd get 3 followers when I started this thing!!!  I'm still a baby blog, but who knows what will happen in the next few months!!!  Thanks again!!!  :)

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  1. Congratulations on the followers!! You've got a great "baby blog" growing here. ;)


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