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Good morning polished peeps!  I hope you're having a great week so far!  Today I am bringing you just one more Incoco Nail Polish Applique.  You know, those amazing real nail polish stickers!  If you haven't seen On the Edge or Berry Swirl, head on over to those posts and check out how cute they were!

Today's design is called Spring Fling, which by the name you can tell is perfect for Spring.  Since it's still freezing here and Spring doesn't seem to be anywhere in site, I really enjoyed having a cheerful Springy manicure.

Let's take a look!

Finally, I feel like I have mastered applying nail art appliques.  Don't hold me to this though, because I'm sure if you handed me a new set, I probably would mess up and destroy half the stickers.

I found this set to be the easiest to work with of the three.  In my last post, I said that On the Edge seemed to be a little difficult to pull and stretch compared to Berry Swirl.  This strip seemed a tad easier to shape and lay on the nail.  I'm not an expert when it comes to appliques, and have no idea why this could be, but my theory is that it's different "polishes" that were used to create the strip itself.  Again, this is just my theory.

Aren't these appliques adorable?  I love how abstract the flowers are.  Also, the color combo is amazing.  The white base with the different pinks and the yellow.  It just pops.  I would love to freehand something like this but I know it probably will never look as unique and awesome as these.  I also love how each nail has a different design.  Sure, not all 10 of my nails look the same when I freehand a design, but they aren't all as unique as this.

After reviewing these Incoco appliques over the last week, I am not as turned off by the idea of going out and purchasing a set in the future.  They're a quick and easy way to get really creative and unique designs on your nails.  I am now a fan.

Do you like this design?

You can purchase Spring Fling from Incoco's website for $8.99.  Incoco is offering 15% off to my readers if you use the code CANVAS15!  Hurry though as this offer ends on 3/14!!!!

Until next time, <3.

**Nail appliques were provided by Incoco for promotional purposes.  Please see my disclosure policy**

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