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Hello polished world!  Hope you all are doing well today!  Today is my second post as a member of The Beauty Buffs!  You may remember that two weeks ago, our little group published our first posts about pastels.  If you haven't checked it out, make sure to go back and take a look! 

Today's theme is Royal Blue.  I was so excited when I first saw this because as you may or may not know, I love anything blue.  Yes, I know that I say all the time I love anything mint, but blue is really where my heart lies.  Maybe with purple as well.  Regardless, I really love that I could go into my stash and re-visit some of my favorite polishes.

I have always thought of royal blue as a rich sailor blue.  I decided to Google the color to see if I was on track, and I found that there are light and dark versions.  Truly, depending on the person, it could be different.  So I grabbed four bottles from my blue stash that were the most royal blue to me. 

The first polish I selected is OPI - OPI Eurso...Euro.  This is one of my favorite blue creams.  I used it in my manicure I posted yesterday.  To me, it's one of the darker royal blues.  The next polish I selected is Zoya Dream.  Looking at the bottle, it's a lot darker than it really is.  When it's on the nail, to me, it's a royal blue.  The holographic glitters throughout give it a new dimension which makes the polish not as dark as well.  Truly a must have polish for anyone.

If you aren't willing to spend the $9 price tag for OPI or Zoya, drug store brands have you covered as well for royal blue.  I next selected two Sinful Color polishes.  The first is Midnight Blue, a gorgeous royal blue shimmer polish.  I'm not even sure you can call it a true shimmer, but it's truly gorgeous.  This was my first blue polish when I started my little hobby.  The next bottle of Sinful Colors I selected is Endless Blue.  This polish (from what I have read) is a dupe of Essie Butler Please and Sally Hansen Pacific Blue.  When I Googled royal blue, both the Essie and Sally version popped up, so of course I grabbed this bottle.  A gorgeous two coat polish that is perfect for Summer.  Now the Essie is about $8.00 a bottle so you can't go wrong snagging this dupe or the Sally Hansen version for $1.99 or $2.99.

Since Midnight Blue is an oldie but goodie of mine, I decided to use it to create an easy and adorable nail art tutorial for today's post!

Colors Used
  • Sinful Colors - Midnight Blue
  • Orly - Instant Artist - White and Black*
  • Zoya - Darcy*
*While I used these polishes, you could just as easily use a Sinful Color Black/White/Yellow polish.  I used these ones because they were handy and my white had dried up.

  1. Paint your nail with a base coat (blues tend to stain) and then paint your nail with your favorite royal blue polish
  2. With a medium sized dotting tool and a white polish, create a dot flower.  Do this by starting off with one dot at the top, then two off to the side, then two closer together at the bottom.
  3. Once the white dot flower is dried, with a black striper or a nail art brush and black polish, add a little line on each of the petals .
  4. With the medium sized dotting tool or smaller, use the yellow polish to create the yellow inside of the nail.
  5. With a small dotting tool and the white polish, fill in the empty spaces with little polka dots.  Add a top coat and call it a day!
I have stepped out of my nail art zone today and decided to look for an outfit which I think that this look would look adorable with!  I started out looking at Polyvore but kind of got confused with how to actually use the site.  By next post, hopefully I'll have it down.  Anyways, since I failed at Polyvore, I was going to just share my favorite polish and the tutorial, until I logged on to Pinterest.  One of my old co-workers has been pinning royal and navy blue outfits all day long.  It's so weird how it happened!  I rarely talk to her and she has NO clue about today's post, and here I am logging in to see a full feed of just what I was looking for!

My mind was set on a white dress with some form of a blue cardigan.  This is the look that my co-worker pinned.

**no source as it led to a .jpeg link and I did a Google Image search and turned up with tumblr/pinterest links**

Now, this isn't the exact dress I was looking for, but it totally works!  When on Polyvore I was looking for blue dresses, but quickly decided against it because I feel like the blue of the nails would clash with the blue of the dress.  The white dress, with a blue cardigan and blue nails just seems so fresh and perfect to me.  

The dress I wish I could find is something Blair Waldorf-esque.  In an episode of Gossip Girl, she wore the dress above which I found to be adorable.  I imagine that dress in a sleeveless version with no tights and a blue cardigan, or keep the sleeves and have a royal blue bow and tights, and no cardigan.  Maybe my fashion sense is totally wrong, but I think it would be cute and totally compliment the nail art design!

What do you think?  Like the design?  Like the outfit selections?  Am I anywhere on base when it comes to fashion?? 

I love being a member of this group! I feel like I've come out of my comfort zone posting outfits to compliment a nail art look.  Even though the second outfit you kind of have to imagine differently than pictured, I still tried!  I hope to continue to expand my blog and maybe in other posts feature outfits that I think would be cute.

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