Jack O'Lantern Nail Art Tutorial = Times Two!

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Good morning polished world!  As promised, I created tutorials for designs that I did on my Halloween Nail Art Wheel.  While the wheel won't be up on the blog until tomorrow or Friday, yesterday I shared a cute jack o'lantern design which is one I created a tutorial for while painting the wheel! 

Since it was posted yesterday, it's only fair to share the tutorial, right?  Bonus; not only am I sharing the tutorial for yesterday's design, but for another jack o'lantern creation so you can pick which you want on your own Little Canvas'! 

Let's take a look first at the design I shared yesterday!

  1. Start off with a base coat of grey polish.  If you don't like grey, this design would look awesome on a nude base, or even a purple one!  I bet you could even do it on a naked nail also!
  2. With any orange polish, use the brush to create the pumpkin.  I did the same technique I would to get a cloud design.
  3. OPTIONAL STEP:  When the orange is dry, take a darker orange and draw lines down the pumpkin using a nail art brush.  This is optional because it will look just as cute without it!
  4. With a nail art brush and a green polish, draw a little stem.  You can also do this with a small dotting tool.
  5. With a nail art brush and black polish or acrylics, add the face.  You can do any fun or spooky face you little heart desires.
  6. With a nail art brush and the same blacks, outline the pumpkin.
Make sure to let it all dry for a few minutes and don't forget a top coat!

Now for the second tutorial!

  1. Start off with a base coat of orange polish
  2. OPTIONAL STEP: With a nail art brush and darker orange polish, draw lines down the nail.
  3. With a nail art brush and black polish or acrylics, draw a spooky or silly face!
  4. With a nail art brush or dotting tool, add green polish to the top of the nail for the stem.
Let the design dry for five minutes, then add the top coat!

Which design do you prefer!?  Do you think you will try either of these designs!?

If you re-create these designs, please share them with me on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook!  I love seeing your re-creations!  They truly make my day!  You all are so incredibly talented!

Can't wait to share the wheel with you soon!  Until next time, <3.

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