January Nail Artist of the Month: Seasonails!

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Good morning everyone!  How are you all today?  Can you believe it's already January 16th?  Where did the month go!?  Usually at the beginning of each month, I introduce you all to a new nail artist with my Nail Artist of the Month feature.  Since the holidays were kind of hectic and everyone was a tad busy, I decided to delay the post until mid month.

Therefore, I am now thrilled to introduce you all to Cecilia from Seasonails!  I found her blog after seeing Adri from Morie's Nail Art share her page on Facebook.  I loved her manicures and photographs and knew right away that I needed to feature her!

I'll now hand over the blog to Cecilia!


First of all ‘Happy New Year!’ May 2015 grant you at least 2015 wishes! This is a great year for me and I want to share that amazing feeling with you! – what? Almost halfway through January and I already know it’s a great year? Yep! I know that because for me, this year started with wonderful opportunities and fabulous adventures!

I started my nails blog – yay! Finally! And through its many social channels and my new nails friends, Alaina reached out to me, asking me if I wanted to be her ‘Nail Artist of the Month’ for January! I was so late in responding that email because I think I read it at least 30 times – just to be sure she was talking to me and that she was actually offering me the chance to guest post on her blog! Whoaa!?! Really? Me? So yeah, it’s definitely a great year, I’m over my head with excitement!

But then… panic ensues! What was I to paint to make it notable? What?! In such fantastic company – all those talented nailistas Alaina had previously featured in her guest post category? What was I to do to make a difference? Time is ticking, I had to come up with something soon – over the weekend, the Golden Globes happened! I’m a sucker for glitz&glam, for movies and TVseries – I had to watch it and read all about it in the media! Two days and hundreds of Red Carpet pictures later, I realized what I wanted to do for The Little Canvas guest post: I would do one of the manis from the Globes Red Carpet!

Long story short: this is my version of 2015 Golden Globes Nails (as inspired by Maria Menounous)!

Starting with a natural tinted base color (after applying the base coat and allowing it to dry), I taped
the nail with French tips as to create a half-moon manicure and painted with white (OPI Alpine Snow). It took two coats to achieve an even finish and the tape should be removed before it dries completely.

To get that artsy avant-garde look as seen on Maria Menonous walking the Red Carpet at the Golden Globes we need just one little detail – the golden stripe! And because I’m really going for that hipster look, I’ll freehand the stripe with golden glitter right down the middle of my nails. (actually – I simply ran out of golden striping tape – you know, with the Holidays manis and all – but let’s pretend this ‘out of stock’ situation is the perfect opportunity to go ‘designer’ on those nails!)

Topcoat it (I’m always in a hurry, so I’m always depending on a quick dry topcoat to finish my nails) – I used OPI’s RapiDry and you’re good for the Red Carpet! Thank you Alaina for giving me this amazing opportunity to blend two of my greatest passions – fashion and nails – into a Golden Globes story.

How awesome are these nails?  So simple and stunning!  I really am loving this!  I rarely do half moon designs, but I must do this one!

Please make sure to follow Cecilia on her Blog, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest!  You won't be sorry!  She does such amazing work!

Thank you Cecilia for such an awesome post and inspiring me!

Until next time, <3.

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