The One Where I Re-Create my Blue-Ming Floral Design

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Good morning polished world!  How are you all doing on this fine Sunday??  It's been an abnormally warm winter here so I'm not going to lie, it's making me itch for Spring.  Sure I would like one massive snow storm where I can buckle down and just lounge out at home, but the longer we go with little to no snow, the less and less I feel like that is actually going to happen.  So I have begun focusing my attention on Spring.  And what better way to do that than with a total Spring manicure?!

Today I am sharing with you a re-creation of a design I did in 2013.  It's still surprising to me that I've been blogging so long that I can look back to a post from 2013.  Seriously, I feel like I just started this thing last year.  Anyways, the design is what I named the blue-ming floral design since it was done on  blue base and the flowers are blooming....get it?  One of my old blogger buddies came up with it. I'm not that punny...har har har.

Let's take a look at my re-creation...almost three years later!

Colors Used:
  • China Glaze - Boho Blues
  • Zoya - Pinks & Greens - I cannot remember the names as it is 12:45am as I am writing this post - Another reason I should write the colors down when I actually do the designs....
China Glaze Boho Blues is a gorgeous periwinkle blue.  It applies evenly in two coats.  I was a tad worried because the first coat was super sheer, but the second one it built up perfectly.  No issues what so ever.  It also dried rather fast too, so I was able to move on right to the nail art.

For the design, I followed my tutorial that I created three years ago as well.  I started off by creating the larger pink outline, then filling it in with lighter pink.  I did the same with the leaves...darker green than lighter green accenting.  Once all the details were dried, I went through with a striper brush and added the black details.

Looking at my design three years ago and this one today, I think I've come along way as a nail artist and a blogger.  My technique is neater, my photos are better...although I do miss my outdoor photos.  I however don't miss my neighbors glaring at me as I stand in the yard taking pictures of my hands.  I think throughout 2016 though, I am going to visit some of my old designs and see how far I"ve come.  Might be fun!

What do you think of the design?  Something you would do?  Have you tried it before?

Until next time, <3.

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