The One With the Pure Ice Floral Manicure

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Good morning polished world!  How are you all doing today?  I finally went to the doctor on Friday, and well I was pretty sick.  So here I am, on antibiotics, which are messing with me, but good news is I can finally breathe again.  I'm not one for going to the doctor, but Friday was my breaking point when I walked up a flight of stairs and I could barely breath when I got to the top.  At least we are in the middle of an ice storm so I have no reason to leave my bed and I can finally rest up and get better.  Let's just hope the power stays on.

Today's manicure is a floral one.  Be prepared, I'm on a floral kick lately thanks to all the floral designs popping up on Pinterest.  They all probably look the same, but I'm kind of limited right now since I have to have my middle finger be a glittery accent due to the lovely injury.  The design I'm sharing with you today was done before the injury so it's one of the last ones where I was able to have a cream on my middle finger.

Let's take a look!

Colors Used:
  • Pure Ice - Teal Appeal
  • OPI - Do You Take Lei-Away?
  • Some Sally Hansen Miracle Gels I can't remember the names of.....
Just realized I'm posting a manicure using a Pure Ice polish during an ice storm.  Didn't mean to do that at all, but it's such a funny coincidence.  Teal Appeal is...well not named appropriately in my opinion.  Now in the bottle it does look like a deep teal, but on the nail it really as you can see is a deep blue.  Well it does kind of lean towards the teal end of the spectrum.  

This polish is amazing and covers pretty much in one coat.  Now, I used two because you know me and my need for two coats of polish.  It was so shiny and really didn't chip at all.  I'm very much impressed with this polish.  Thank you to FashionFooting for gifting it to me!

Loving the floral design here.  Since the weather hasn't been super springy, this is one of those winter/spring transition floral designs.  I really like the final design.

What do you think?  Ever used any Pure Ice polishes?  

Until next time, <3.

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