Hatching Chicks

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Easter is fast approaching and I have done yet another Easter manicure.  Originally, I was planning on only doing three manicures for the holiday, but due to the Peeps tragedy, I was able to make time for one more mani.  This means after these little guys, I'll have one more for you!  It actually works out quite well because I had so many ideas in my head and didn't know how to do them all at once.  Originally this design was going to be part of my Easter Egg mani with the chicks on the ring finger and thumb, but with the extra time, I made them their own manicure.

For the life of me, I cannot remember who suggested hatching chicks.  I loved the idea, so cute, so springy, so Eastery.  I had to do it.  Plus, I love having little animals on my nails.  If you don't believe me, let me direct you back to my Pigs and Tigers.  I've also done penguins but never got a decent picture of them.  Can't wait for my fourth Easter mani and....well I'm not going to spoil it but I'm sure you can guess what animal will be gracing my nails along with some other Eastery things.

Colors Used:

  • Accent Nails (Ring and Thumb)
    • Base
      • Sinful Colors - Snow Me White
    • Chicks
      • Sinful Colors - Let's Meet - yellow bodies
      • Zoya - Lianne - Orange Beak
      • Sinful Colors - Black on Black - eyes
  • Polka Dot Nails
    • Base
      • Revlon - Charming - the pretty lavender
    • Polka Dots 
      • Sinful Colors - Mint Apple
      • Color Club - Blue Light
Messy edges, I know, but for some reason I had the hardest time doing these nails and by the time I was done I didn't care to clean them up.  Still haven't either lol.  I had a hard time doing these because I was being extremely OCD.  The white was too thick, then the white was too thin, the purple looked streaky.  Then of course when everything seemed perfect, the top coat decided to lock some air bubbles into my design.  That ring finger I think was done 4 different times lol.

It is a super easy design though to do.  First, I painted on a base coat of the white.  When that was perfect and dried, I tooth picked on a cracked line with the yellow, and filled in the upper part of my nail with a dotting tool.  Then with the dotting tool I added the eyes and the little beaks.  For the other nails, I simply used the dotting tool to dot on some polka dots.  I didn't go overboard with the polka dots and opted for a "flower" looking design to keep with a Spring look.  Finished with a top coat (shockingly this time I did not put on any glitter), and I was done.

What do you think?  Cute?  What has been your favorite design so far?  Are any of you planning Easter manicures with nail art??

Love you all and can't wait to show you my last Easter design!  I'm praying that it looks as good on my nails as it does in my head and on my post-its :)

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    Cute <3

    1. ahhh it was you!! I couldn't remember who told me to do it! I may have to edit the post!

  2. So frackin cute!!!! I may have to hijack that Mani for easter my daughter will want a matching Mani! Lovesssss it!

  3. These are so freakin' adorable!!

  4. Your nails would look so much better if you cleaned them up. Honestly, I can't believe you would post pictures of that mess.

    1. This was highly unnecessary. If you don't like the particular application style of a blogger, then it is your right and privilege to stop reading that blog. However, it is never appropriate to be cruel. Your comment didn't even attempt at being constructive. If you couldn't stop yourself from saying something, you could have at least offered advice (unsolicited as it may have been) and avoided the use of phrases you very well know will hurt the author.

      Sometimes the ability to post anonymously allows us to forget that we are accountable for our statements and the effect it may have on others.

    2. I can't believe you would leave such an uncalled for comment like that "Anonymous" if you have the balls to leave such a hating comment why don't you own it and not do it " Anonymously" . There is many blogs out there you can check out, you don't like her nails, then here is what you can do .. see that little X in the top right corner ? click on that .


    3. SERIOUSLY??? are you kidding me right now??? Honestly, I can't believe you would pull such a bitch move as to write something so awful & ridiculous as this comment. Like my homegirls Maria & Ave have already said, there are millions of nail blogs out there on the web and you just really felt compelled to read through and actually write such hurtful ridiculous bullshit?!?! How about you not be anonymous and we see your brilliant attempts at nail art???? The Little Canvas is amazing and she's doing incredible art out here in the blog world. Most people just swatch colors and she's busting her ass doing intricate creative designs. Who the hell are you to tell someone else they shouldn't post they're nail photos?? I am embarrassed for you, whoever you are. What scum. I will never understand why people feel compelled to take the time and spread hate. If you don't like it then just leave and be on your merry f*cking way. The only "MESS" on this whole blog is YOU, Anonymous. The fact that you are heartless, rude, and just trash. People still take pride in their art and what they create & your negative BS actually causes feelings to be hurt. So try using some small amount of a brain-typing filter next time. Thanks.
      and have a great damn day! I LOVE YOU LITTLE CANVAS!


    4. Thank you Ave, Maria, and Ryan.

      Anonomyous, whoever you might be, I did not appreciate your comment. If you had taken the time and read my post, you would have seen why I didn't clean the edges. I took the picture and posted it before any chips came because I wanted to capture my manicure because I didn't have time to do it over again.

      I am very proud of each and every one of my designs, no matter how they look. It's my hobby which I truly enjoy. I'm not a professional, I'm not perfect at this and I don't intend to be, I'm doing this for fun. I have found such joy sharing my designs and have met some WONDERFUL fellow nail bloggers. I thank those who have constantly supported me and share links of my blog and nail art designs.

      As rude as it may have been, I realized this is the comment of only one person's point of view. I am proud of all my work, I receive complements on my blog, twitter, and personally from freinds, family, and even complete strangers. It is what it is, and honestly, I am happy I posted the picture.

      Feel free to comment again on my blog, but please read it over and ask yourself if you are treating others as you want to be treated.

    5. What a dbag. These are super cute and anyone who does their nails on the regular has done the exact same thing as you. It's not like we can't see the nail art. Good responses, everyone! :)
      Oh and ps: these are my favorites. Happy Easter!

  5. I found your blog because LuvMyLacquer gave you a shout-out on her Easter mani post.

    Your "chick" looks lovely, and I'm sorry you had to deal with that rude commenter above.
    Some people do things under "annonymous" because they can't bare to face you.

    Even if you want to critique someone, learn to do it nicely. Smh.
    Anyhoo... Now following you dear. :-)

    1. Thanks for letting me know!!! I just went over to her blog and thanked her!! That's so awesome!! Thank you for the follow and complement as well :)


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