Mint Apple Dots

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Easter is over, and it's time to return to non-holiday themed manicures.  When I sat down to paint my nails, I had no idea what to do.  As usual, I sat starring at my tiny stash thinking "What color do I want?"  After a good half hour of sitting glaring at my collection, I took to Twitter asking for mani ideas.

My girl Megan from Let There Be Lacquer answered right away with a few awesome ideas.  She suggested a half moon but I don't have any of those fancy shmansy binder stickers so whatever I would have attempted would have looked horrid.   I also don't have a stamper to mimic her awesome Half Moon Tribal mani which you can see here. Then she suggested needle pull, but I was tired and didn't want to wait up forever for my nails to dry.  In the end I took so long deciding that I ended up being awake forever anyways.  After suggesting I do teal and realizing I do not own a teal, I grabbed the next best go to favorite color: Sinful Colors - Mint Apple.

Okay, so had a what.  The lovely Ryan from Dream a Little Dream of Polish sent a link to her Pinterest page where she has loads of amazing pins.  Seriously, head on over to her blog and take a look at her Pinterest, it's amazing.  Nail ideas, awesome clothes, and not to mention her own awesome swatches.  Take a look at her Franken Nightlock here.  Loves it.

I came across this pin on Ryan's pinterest, and I had to re-create it, especially since I was going to use Mint Apple.  Enough of my babbling...onto my nails!  I again took my pictures outside because I loved how my last ones turned out.  Please excuse my random cuticles, but I refuse to do anything to them because I"m a bit freaked out by cutting/pushing back....*shiver*.  

 Sun Shot
 Shade Shot
Side Shot (had to do it because I'm obsessed with Mint Apple)

Colors Used:
  • Base
    • Sinful Colors - Mint Apple
  • Diagonal French
    • Sinful Colors - Black on Black
    • New York Color - French Tip White
    • Sally Hansen - Celeb City
I'm not sure why Mint Apple is my favorite color, but it is.  It's a pretty mint color with a lovely subtle shimmer.  The shimmer in Sinful Colors Luminary reminds me of the shimmer that is in Mint Apple.

The mani was extremely easy.  Typically when doing diagonal tips such as these, I use tape to make them even, but last night I was lazy and did them free hand with the brush.  When dried I took the dotting tool and added the dots.  Last but not least, with a toothpick, I added some celeb city for the silver divider.  I controlled myself from adding any glitter or flakies to top these off, and I'm beyond happy that I did.

What did you think?? If you have any ideas for what I should do for my next mani, feel free to tweet me, or leave a comment on the "Mani Idea!" page.  

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  1. Cute idea!! I love the colors, design, everything! Looks great ;oD

  2. Love this look! It's super cute and fun!

  3. WOOHOO!!!!! im so glad to see my obsessive Pinterest pinning put to good use! thank you so much for mentioning me in this blog post girl! hehehe i am so honored! and i can't wait to do my guest blog post....nail art just in your honor!

  4. I seriously love this mani. I think I look at it everytime I look at your blog! When I see these nails and think of you, they match so well! <3 you girl!


Oh how I love reading all of your comments! I truly appreciate each and every single one!