Day 1 - Jelly Sandwich

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Hello everyone and welcome to the first day of the SNAARKM Challenge!  I'm super excited yet super nervous all at once.  Not quite sure why I am nervous since I have been blogging for a few months now, and am used to posting/showing designs.  Maybe because I'm not the only one who is doing this specific manicure this specific day???  Who knows!

Anywho, today is the Jelly Sandwich.  This is my FIRST time ever attempting one.  I never owned, nor knew what a jelly polish was until I started blogging.  After seeing some other bloggers jelly sandwiches, I went on a search for jelly polishes.  Of course, when I wanted one, I couldn't ever find it.  I went to my mini stash, and to my surprise I already owned one.  That color was Sinful Colors Daddy's Girl, a gorgeous purple jelly with gold flecks.  When I sat down to paint though, it just was not right.  I didn't know what glitter I could later to make the sandwich really pop.

So, I went back to the stash and found an old beauty.  A polish I had completely forgotten about and which I'm 100% positive you cannot find in a store today.  When I originally purchased it, I didn't do so because it was a jelly, it was because I was in love with the pink shimmer with the little silver flecks of glitter.  This, I knew, was going to be my jelly sandwich polish....

Colors Used:
  • Sally Hansen XTreme Wear - VIP Pink
  • Sally Hansen XTreme Wear - Strobe Light
  • New York Color - French Tip White
I think both polishes went well together.  I need some larger hexed glitter for it to really work out well.  Originally, I was going to use Whimsical but I got impatient.

Strobe light is a very small glitter with some larger pieces.  Combined with the pink, it looked mostly like a super glittery polish.  In the end, I wish I had an Indie collection like Ave (Polish Pixelle) with all those amazing glitters

If you missed my post yesterday, this is the SNAARKM Challenge

 And the lovely paritcipants are Stephanie - Sincerely Stephanie, Nicole - My Nails. My Polish., Ave - Polish Pixelle, Amanda -Fashion Footing, Ryan - Dream a Little Dream of Polish, Kristen - In the Name of Polish, & Megan -Let There be Lacquer.

Until Day 2....have a good one folks! <3

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  1. So cute!!! And you are welcome to come visit my collection and swatch freely anytime you want =D

    I actually just got Strobe Light in an exchange box and I haven't swatched it yet - it must be fate!

  2. I love your jelly sammich! It reminds me of the jelly shoes that kids had in the late 80s and 90s that were all different colors with sparkles in them! Love this so much!

  3. Very nice. I was laughing when I read this because I did a challenge this year that included a sammy and I had never heard of one and didn't own any jelly polishes. I do now. :)

  4. woohoo go us with our pink jelly sammiches! love it girl!!!!!!


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