Day 4 - Glitter, Rhinestones, & Fimo, Oh My!

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Welcome to Day 4, my oh my how this challenge is flying by.  In case you missed, here were my previous days:

When I first started painting my nails a year ago, I was addicted to glitter polishes.  My first real glitter polish was New York Color White Lights Glitter which I typically top majority of my manicures with.  It makes the nail art pop off the nails more.  Sadly, my camera doesn't capture it quite to my satisfaction, but oh well.

Sinful Colors then was introduced in the local grocery store, and they had a giant glitter polish display.  My eye attracted immediately to Frenzy, the amazing small purple and blue fleck glitter.  Seeing that purple and blue are my favorite colors, I had to buy it, and I was not upset.  I started painting it on my nails with no base coat.  Three coats and my nails were so shiny and awesome.  I then started to take some baby blue polish and accenting the nails with diagonal tips.  It was love.

For this challenge, I didn't want to do my normal side swipe glitter.  Plus, I have many diagonal manicures.  I decided to attempt a glitter gradient, where the tips were most concentrated.  Without further a due, here are the nails....

 Shade Shot (You can really see the blue and purple glitters in the shade)
 Second Shade Shot
Sunny again

Colors Used:

  • Base
    • Sinful Colors Love Nails
  • Glitter
    • Sinful Colors Frenzy
As usual I'm in love with Love Nails and Frenzy.  I'm just not sure I love how it came out.

What do you think?? What's your favorite glitter effect?  Do you have a go to glitter polish you absolutely love??

If you have forgotten, this is the SNAARKM challenge:

And the awesome participants are:

Until Day 5, have a great one! :)

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