31 Day Challenge - Day 11 - Half Moons - Owls

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Happy 100th Post!!!!!  I cannot believe that I have done 100 on this blog!!!! Thank you all for your continual support!!!  Here is to 100 more!!! <3 <3


Welcome to Day 11 - Half Moon Manicure Day!!!!  I have a love hate relationship with half moon manicures.  I think they look awesome with the right color combination, but for me, it always ends in a disasticure.  I typically use the technique where you use reinforcement binder labels and place them on the top of the nail by the cuticle.  I start off with painting a base coat of some awesome color, add a layer of quick dry top coat, and then stick on the sticker.  I then paint on the second color, which in many cases doesn't layer right or look right over the top of the other color.  Then when I peel off the sticker, part of the base comes off with it, or there is the top color underneath the sticker.

For this manicure, I did not want that to happen.  I was thinking of doing a Halloween colored half moon, but wasn't feeling it.  Nicole was awesome and was drawing up post-it pictures and tweeting me ideas, but since it is a half moon and my little canvas is, well, little, I would have barely any room for her fantastic ideas.  Seriously, she had an idea of doing a half moon with a haunted house under the moon, but it would have looked like a black spot being so tiny.

Then I remembered a really cute half moon idea which only used the naked nail as the base.  That idea....OWLS!  Since it is Fall, I pinpointed some Fall-ish colors and began painting.  Here's how the lil guys came out...

Colors Used:
  • Blue Owl
    • Sinful Colors - Rain Storm
    • Revlon - Dreamer
  • Purple Owl
    • Sinful Colors - Amythest 
    • Revlon - Charming
  • Orange Owl
    • Sinful Colors - Country Orange
    • Ulta - Sun-Sational
  • Green Owl
    • Essie - Stylenomics
    • Revlon - Sassy
  • Pink Owl
    • Sinful Colors - Fig
    • Ulta - Flamingo
  • Eyes
    • Ulta - Sun-Sational
    • Sinful Colors - Black on Black
For three of my fingers, I used the stickers to paint the half moon, but as you can kind of see on the pointer finger, I had an issue with the polish bleeding underneath the sticker.  With my nail art brushes, I decided to draw on the arches, which was sooooo much easier.  I will be doing this from now on!

To get the look, I painted on the colors I wanted to be the body of the owls.  Then, with my nail art brush, I painted the stomachs in complimenting colors.  With my dotting tool, I added the eyes and spots on the stomachs.  With a toothpick, I drew on some lil beaks for the guys, and called it a day.

These were a pain in my behind to do.  I think my left hand took me 45 minutes and the right hand 30 minutes.  The first hand took longer because I was using those stickers and was having such a huge issue.  They definitely took a lot of patience, so if you don't have that, then these nails aren't for you!  Who knows, maybe I was doing them in some bootleg way that took much longer than they needed to be.  If I do them again, the lil guys will be going on an accent nail.

Do you like the owls?  Have you done them?  Found an easier way to do them?  How do you do half moon manicures??

As a reminder, this is the challenge....do not forget to check out the other amazing ladies posts!!!

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  1. oh my goodness soooo cute. I want to kiss all your fingers!!! ;)

  2. Holy hundred posts Batman! Congratulations! These are super cute, way cuter than mine which I am currently wearing and looking at. Yay for half moon manis! They're so fun! And... can I just say WAY TO GO on those half moon shapes since you didn't even use hole reinforcers! Mine would be super uneven and just a dang mess... and here yours look so perfect! Good job to you!

    1. Yours were awesome!!!! the halloween half moons that SHOULD HAVE WON the Bundle Monster contest. Whos nails did win that by the way???

  3. I adore these nails, will definately be following your blog now !
    And will try to have a go at something simular my self :)
    would love to collaborate with you but will email you privately rather than spamming your page xx


Oh how I love reading all of your comments! I truly appreciate each and every single one!