Halloween Creatures!!!

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Hi there everyone!  How are you!?  Getting ready for Halloween?  I'm getting ready for that lovely Frankenstorm lol.  I think this is going to be the first year where all the little kiddies are not going to be able to trick or treat because the weather is going to be too miserable.  Kind of sad if you think about it.  Growing up the weather never really was too horrible where we weren't able to go out.  I remember the only time I was unable to trick or treat was when I had strep throat.  I stood in the front window of my house in a ghost costume while my mom handed out candy.  Not the end of the world though, my sister ended up getting candy for me and I didn't have to do any of that walking door to door lol.

Last year for Halloween I did a really cute Frankentstein manicure.  It was one of my first attempts at nail art with nubs.  I'll include an embarrassing picture at the end of this post.  My original plan was to do the Frankenstein's again and write a comparison post, that was until my friend Nicole from Polish Me, Please! came up with the idea of a Skittle Creature manicure.  That means, a different Halloween creature on each nail!  I loved the idea because it allowed me to do so much in one manicure versus a whole witch, mummy, ghost, whatever manicure.  So today we both have decided to post Creature Skittles on our blogs!  Make sure you head on over to Polish Me, Please! and check out her nails!

Let's take a look at my lil guys!

Colors Used:

  • Witch
    • China Glaze - I'm With the Lifeguard
    • Sinful Colors - Amythyst, Snow Me White, Black on Black, and Let's Meet
  • Mummy
    • Sinful Colors - Snow Me White, Black on Black, and Sugar, Sugar
  • Vampire
    • Pure Ice - Kiss Me Here mixed with Sinful Colors - Snow Me White
    • Sinful Colors - Snow Me White, Sugar, Sugar, and Black on Black
  • Frankentstein
    • China Glaze - I'm With the Lifeguard
    • Sinful Colors - Black on Black
  • Ghost
    • Sinful Colors - Snow Me White and Black on Black
These lil buggers took me awhile.  The ghost and mummy were probably the easiest and didn't take much effort.  For the ghost, I just used my dotting tool and dotted on the eyes, mouth, and the lil holes at the bottom of his ghosty-ness.  For the mummy, I outlined an eye area and filled it in with a nail art brush.  Then I added on the lines with a nail art brush, and dotted on some eyes.  For the Vampire, I painted on the hair with the nail art brush, and added details with the dotting tool and brushes.  Same goes for the witch and the Frankenstein also.  The others took me longer because painting on the hair and ensuring you have enough room for the faces can be a bit of a pain.

Below is my awful, horrible, attempt at nail art back in the day.  Be gentle in your critiques of my lil Frankies.

I still am rather proud of these guys.  I had literal nubs back then, and I did them completely with toothpicks. None of this fancy, shmansy nail art brush stuff!  I'm happier I put the hair at the cuticle this year also.  To me, I did them upside down last year.

What do you think of my Halloween Creature Skittles?  Cute? Ugly? Stupid? 100% better than last years attempt at Frankies?  

Don't forget to head on over to Nicole's blog and see how her Creatures turned out!!!  

One more Halloween manicure for you guys and then I'm back to the Challenge.  Whew. 

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  1. Gah, your Lil' monsters look so happy! Super cute. :) one of these days ill have time to play with nail art again.

    1. thank you!!! and you better! i miss seeing your art!

  2. These are super cute! You both did such a great job :)
    I remember last year Halloween was "canceled" and rescheduled for the following Friday because of the freak snow storm here. Now we're waiting out Frankenstorm Sally too! So glad I got all my trick or treating in back in the non freak weather days :)

    1. Thank you!!! It seems like it will be decent weather for halloween. as of right now there is no rain, so who knows if kids will be out. I'm still planning on sitting on my butt lol. Hope you didn't get hit hard by Sandy!


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