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As you all know, I am in the middle of the 31 Day Challenge with some other lovely bloggers.  I've been an overachiever throughout the challenge and have had many manicures pre-swatched.  I think as of right now I'm up to the galaxy nails.  Anyways, tonight when I sat down to do "Inspired by Nature" I hit a huge road block.  My first manicure was probably not a disasticure, but I thought it was.  Okay, well it might not have been, I messed up one nail and instead of continuing on, I changed up the idea, and really had a disaster on my nails.  My mom liked it but it just wasn't me.  I really hated looking at it.  I then thought "okay, I'll move on, I will do "Nautical Inspiration.""  Yeah, okay, that came out even worse than the nature one.  I ran to the remover and took it off.  

I now have my third manicure on for the night, and equally hate it as much as the other two.  Really, at this point, I'm hating nail polish and painting my nails.  I look at my stash and I want to throw it in the trash.  I don't ever want to feel this way about my polish or about my nail art.  I found myself tonight looking at my last few manicures (okay the flower one and the animal one were awesome) and really hating them.  I didn't have something on my nails that I'm super proud of.

The reason being...well I'm not 100% positive, but it might be this challenge.  I've felt like I'm thrown into a box...given a list of ideas (some which we switched out from the original challenge) that I must stick to, and I kind of hate it.  I feel like it's taken my creativity away.  There are some coming up I'm excited for which I can be creative (video game, movie, pattern).  As of right now though, I'm sitting looking at all of them and I'm hating the idea of being stuck to one thing.  

In conjunction with this, school has become hectic.  I'm in my last few semesters ever, and it's all getting real.  Graduate projects, essays, review boards, graduation timelines...ahhh!!!  I'm stressing over little things which I should not be stressing about, such as this blog.  The Little Canvas is my creative outlet, my fun, my hobby.  Slowly, it's becoming a pain in my ass, and well I do not want that.  I've decided, to ensure that doesn't happen, I will be bowing out from the challenge and posting some other nail art until then.  Also possibly getting my post up for the VoxBox I got also.

So, as of tonight, I am deciding to stop with the 31 Day Challenge.  I will finish it...eventually, just not along with the other girls, and my pre-swatched posts still will be going up.  I'm apologize to the lovely ladies, I hope they understand.  And I hope my followers understand.  

I will still be painting my nails once I get out of this funk and posting every 3 days as I typically do.  Reason I post this way is because I paint my nails every 3 days.  I feel if I'm loving what I'm doing, my followers will here we go.  The Little Canvas is a bad blogger girl backing out of her challenge, and going back to just blogging for the hell of it.  

For those of you in the tl:dr's the cliff notes:
  • I am out of the challenge because I am all around stressed and this blog is becoming something I hate. As to not hate, I will be out of the challenge for now.  I still will be painting my nails, just not challenge based.

Well, that was my rant for the night.  Love you all and thank you for the continuous support on all the social networks.  <3 <3 <3

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  1. I totally feel your pain when it comes to doing multiple manicures in a single day and not being happy with anything. I hate, hate days like that. I too have a real life with real responsibilities so I draw and do my nails for relaxation and there's nothing worse than when my "me time" becomes a huge stress on me. I'm sure your challenge partners and readers will understand - what is most important is taking care of you and doing what you need to do to be happy.

  2. I know how you feel here. Sometimes I get to irritated by the mistakes in the design or whatnot that I take a break from it. But then I just have the need to continue lol
    As far as you still blogging and creating it is all fine ;)
    Keep doing the good work, I like your nail designs

  3. I know how you feel. When I started my blog I knew I would stop as soon as it started becoming a chore instead of a hobby. So far it's not but I can see how easily it can change into a chore. All of us bloggers start these because it's fun! Why would we continue to do it if it's not? I know we all understand that feeling and we'll forgive you for bowing out of the challenge ;) Some nights nothing I do will look good on my nails and it makes me SO frustrated so I stop... or try lol! But we'll all still be here for you when you start loving what you do again because a happy blogger is the best kind out there!! <3


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