St. Patrick's Day Manicure!

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Happy Sunday Polished World!  How are you today?  Are you, or should I say, are your nails ready for St. Patrick's Day?  As you can guess, mine are!  After creating my nail art wheel, I wasn't sure that I was actually going to paint my nails for the holiday itself.  

I decided to take some inspiration from my own wheel and last year's kitchen sink St. Patrick's Day manicure and create a look.  For three of my nails, I picked 2 designs which of course were the most time consuming to create.  Even though the manicure took me close to two hours to do all 10 nails, and I finished close to midnight, I'm super happy I created the look!

Let's take a look!

Colors Used:
  • Shamrock Nail
    • Sally Hansen - Mint Sorbet
    • Zoya Josie
    • INM - Northern Lights
  • Leprechaun
    • Zoya - Chantal, Josie
    • Maybelline - Sweet Clementine
    • Orly - Instant Artist - Black and White
    • China Glaze - I'm Not Lion
  • Pot of Gold
    • Ulta - Let the Flames Begin, Sun-Sational, Blue Streak
    • Maybelline - Sweet Clementine
    • Sinful Colors - Amethyst, Snow Me White
    •  Orly - Instant Artist - Black
    • OPI - Love.Angel.Music.Baby
    • China Glaze - I'm Not Lion
    • INM - Northern Lights
Well goodness, that's a lot of polish!  I'm actually quite surprised it was that many bottles because it honestly didn't feel that way!  Majority of them are used to create the pot of gold nails.  To get that design, I started with a base coat of white polish.  Once the white was dry, I took a make up sponge and painted thin stripes of color down it starting with red and ending in purple.  I then dabbed it on the nail until the colors popped to my liking.  Since I was creating a gradient using primary colors, I didn't have to keep applying polish to the make up sponge like I have to with my neon polishes.  Probably because they're more color concentrated?  Who knows.  Anyways, I then took a quick coat of INM Northern Lights over the top and began working on my pot of gold using my Orly Instant Artist Striper.  With my large dotting tool, I created the gold pieces using Love.Angel.Music.Baby and added a little sparkle to them using I'm Not Lion.  I found that I'm Not Lions glitter and holo pieces really brought out the sparkle in the INM Northern Lights.

The leprechaun was created by starting off with a base coat of Zoya Chantal from the Natural collection.  Gorgeous skin colored nude which works perfect for little faces.  When that was dry, I used my nail art brush to create the leprechaun hat with Zoya Josie.  I then took a medium dotting tool and added the hair and beard.  The rest of the details were later added with nail art brush or dotting tools. 

Last but not least, the shamrocks were created by starting off with a base coat of Orly Mint Sorbet.  Such a pretty and bright pastel mint green polish.  I then added a quick top coat of INM Northern Lights.  Once that was dry, I created the shamrocks using a medium sized dotting tool.  I pretty much tried to line four hearts up together.

I want to pick a favorite nail, but honestly I like them all.  The leprechaun, the pot of gold, the shamrocks, just all of them are so cute.  Okay, the leprechaun probably is the cutest of all, just look at him looking at the shamrock.  Hmm, I should have had him looking at his pot of gold.  We can say he's looking at the larger amount of gold on the thumb nail!

What do you think?  Do you have a favorite nail?

If you were inspired by my nail art wheel and shared any of your designs on Instagram, please make sure to tag #tlcinspiredmani so I can see!

To everyone reading this post today, please have a SAFE St. Patrick's Day.  I know that plenty of people "party" this weekend and drink more than normal.  If you are drinking, please do so responsibly!  You are not only putting your life in danger, but others around you, which is not fair.

Until next time, <3.

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