Twinsie Tuesday - Go-To Polish (Retro Rose Nail Art)

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Good morning Polished Peeps!  How are you today?  Today it's supposed to be 40 degrees again so I can't complain.  Oh wait, I can because tomorrow it's supposed to snow.  Spring is being such a tease this year.  Oh well, could be worse.

Today is Tuesday, which means it is Twinsie Tuesday time!  This week we are sharing our Go To polish.  As a person who primarily does nail art and RARELY swatches a plain color on all 10 of her fingers, I can't say that I have a primary go to polish.  I thought about going with a go-to color that I use for a base, but that kind of gets hidden behind the art.  That's when it hit me....the art!  What is my go-to polish when it comes to adding the details to my nail art? 

 My go-to polish is my Orly Instant Artist Water Based in Jet Black.  You may think this is boring, but trust me, it's not, wait until you see the manicure and of course read about why I loooove this polish!  

Please read on!
After seeing this manicure by justagirlandhernails on Instagram, I wanted to re-create it.  The pretty tan base, the polka dots, and the roses?! It was so retro and so pretty!  Plus it really showcased the awesome Orly Instant Artist Polish.  After I re-created a TrendyPolish rose manicure after seeing her tutorial (one of my favorite manicures that I forgot until this very moment I never posted) I've been addicted to dot manicures with roses on top.

Let's take a look at the manicure!

Normally this is the section where I tell you what colors I used and how I created the manicure, but that will come tomorrow with the handy dandy tutorial that I have created!  I want to make this post all about the Orly Instant Artist polish!

I'm not a fan of stripers in general.  I had one awhile ago but I never used it because I couldn't get a hang of how to use that thing little brush.  I received this Orly striper along with 3 others as part of the Nail Art Society re-launch kit.  I was a bit iffy on creating a look using them, but I ended up with a pretty awesome design which was shockingly easy to do with stripers!

After that manicure, I fell in love.  What's awesome about this Instant Artist polish is the fact that it is water based.  If you mess up, you can literally wash the design off and start over.  This does have to be done pretty quickly.  You can't do all ten nails and then go "oh I hate this one" and try to wash it off.  It has to be "oh I did this line and it's not straight, let me start over."  Literally one nail at a time, but I have no problem with this.  When I use them, I make sure to have a wet napkin near by so I can erase my little canvas and start over.

I guess I have to mention a little bit how I got the look since you can't use the striper to make polka dots.  I started off with my base coat and added a quick top coat of INM Out the Door.  I then dripped a little of the polish onto the plate and with my dotting tool added the dots.  Seriously this polish makes the best dots, always uniform!  Then after I added my flower details, I dripped some polish out and used my nail art brush to add detail.  I did a few of the leaves with the striper brush itself and it worked literally the same as if I used my nail art brush, honestly it was a tad easier.

What do you think of the manicure?  Excited for the tutorial tomorrow?

I must get my hand on more of these water based polishes.  The February Nail Art Society kit features a purple one so I can't wait to use that!  Literally I love them and think Orly is a genius for creating them.  Dear Sally Beauty, please start selling these polishes!!!  If anyone has seen a retail location which sells these, please let me know!

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Until next time, <3.

The Orly Instant Artist was sent to me by NAS as part of their re-launch kit.  Opinions expressed are my own. Please see my disclosure policy

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