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Good morning polished world!  Happy Friday!!!  Isn't it awesome that we are at the end of the work week?  I couldn't be happier!  Hopefully the weather this weekend will be amazing and I can spend lots of hours outside!  If it's cruddy out, then I guess I will work on the blog.  I really need to spend some time creating posts this weekend.

This post I'm very happy to say is making it up on the blog in a timely fashion before the collection is even released!  A week or so ago, I received the FingerPaints Film Noir collection which will be out in Sally Beauty Supply stores in August!  This collection contains 3 matte creams and 1 matte multicolored glitter.  As soon as I opened the box, the idea for today's design using all four the the polishes came to mind!

I'm super happy that the look translated perfectly onto my nail!  Let's take a look!

Colors Used:
  • FingerPaints - Film Noir, Beautiful Mystery, Petal Obsession, Hollywood Decadence.
These polishes do all dry matte, but I decided to add my shiny top coat.  If you want to keep them matte, I would suggest putting a matte top coat on the top to even them out.  All the creams in the collection are gorgeous colors, but they apply a little funky.  The first coat is streaky, but the second one does level out nicely.  I think the matte top coat really just makes it as even as possible.  If you're steadier than I am, you'll be just fine.

Regardless, the colors are GORGEOUS in either the shiny or matte version.  I applied three coats of both Petal Obession and Beautyfil Mystery.  I really love the baby pink color of Petal Obession.  Really unlike anything I own at the moment.  Well, there might be a Sally Hansen, but this one was more unique.  Beautiful Mystery is comparable to Orly Boho Bonnet.  I think the Orly is more on the grey side, where this is more on the blue side.  I really am happy to add it to my collection because it's a perfect base for nail art!!!

I used three coats of Beautiful Mystery.  This polish is a multicolor glitter set in a milky base.  This polish, like the others dries matte and honestly I loved that about this polish.  I decided for my nail art to make it shiny since all my other nails were shiny.  I think this glitter polish is PERFECT for an accent nail.  I don't think I would be too happy with it on all ten nails, but if you're a glitter person, then you'll love it.

I'm so happy I used all the polishes together for this look.  Film Noir created a perfect gradient on top of Petal Obsession.  This polish is such a gorgeous plum shade which is perfect transition for Summer to Fall.

As for nail art polishes, they were okay.  Since they are matte polishes, they dry a tad faster than your typical cream.  They're workable, but you just have to move fast, especially with the little details.  Those details for me were the petal outlines on the roses.

What do you think?  Liking this collection?  Are they colors you would use? Enjoying the look I created?

The Film Noir collection will be available both in store and online at Sally Beauty Supply starting in August!

Until next time, <3.

**Polishes were provided for review. Please see my disclosure policy**

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