The One With the Snowflakes and Sally Hansen

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Good morning polished world!!  How are you all doing today?  Saturday is here finally which means I'm going to sleep all day and be the laziest person in the whole world.  Actually, that's a lie.  I possibly have plans to go see I, Tonya with one of my friends.  Who knows though, I should follow up on that.  Don't ask me why I want to see that movie, I just really do.

Since it's February, and Valentine's Day is around the corner, I'm going to try to bring you some sort of pink/red/purple manicure up until the 14th.  You know me and how much I "love" Valentine's Day, so this should be fun.  Can you sense the sarcasm?

Today's design is a snowflake manicure using some of the new Insta-Dri polishes from Sally Hansen.  I received the whole new line from Sally Hansen about a month or so ago, but they weren't packaged right so half of them broke.  They sent out a new package around Christmas time and I haven't gotten around to reviewing them until now.  So February will also be the month of Sally Hansen Insta Dri polishes....

Let's take a look!

Colors Used:
  • Sally Hansen - Petal to the Metal
  • Sally Hansen - Greyfitti
Cute, right?  The design is inspired by One Nail To Rule Them All.  Originally I had the snowflake on my index finger as well using a light pink cream base, but it didn't look good, so I removed it and put on two coats of Petal to the Metal.  This is a gorgeous rose gold shimmer polish which covered in one coat, but you know me, I always use two.

Polish really lived up to it's Insta-Dri name as it dried a lot faster than Greyfitti which is from the Miracle Gel line.  My Miracle Gels always take a tad longer to dry, but that's for sure because of the formula.

My only complaint, the bottle shape....ahhh it's so difficult to hold for my pictures!  Well with 16 new colors, I feel like I'm going to get a lot of practice.

What do you think?  Like this manicure?  Used any of the new Insta-Dri polishes yet?

Until next time, <3.

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