Tape Mani

Checkerboard but look like Bathroom Tile Nails

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Yay for a somewhat original post!!  Okay, checkerboard nails have been done, but I can say I did not see this manicure on someone and copy it color for color.  This was actually the manicure I wore on Valentines Day.  Since we all know I generally dislike that holiday, leave it to me to wear something blue.  I was out of black polish.  If i did have some, you can believe I would have had some sort of black manicure.

So my tape obsessed little self decided to do a tape checkerboard manicure, which to me turned out looking like the tiles on a bathroom floor.  Maybe not a bathroom floor in anyone's house, but maybe in a public restroom.  I swear I had something similar in my high school way back when.  Let's see what you all think.

Again, back to the white background on the lightbox.  I need to play around with it some more....and well rebuild the side.  After taking the pictures, I placed my lightbox on the floor while uploading the photos to the computer.  When I went to get out of the chair, I stepped right through the side of the thing.  At least it was only the tissue paper and the cardboard itself is intact.  Still though, dumb move on my part.

Colors Used:
  • Ulta - Snow White 
  • Sinful Colors - Rain Storm
  • Sally Hansen - Blue Away!
To get this manicure, you start off with a base coat of white polish.  For this manicure, I used two coats of Snow White.  I could have gotten away with 1 coat, but I wanted the white to really stand out.  Next, with four pieces of nail art tape, I created a checkerboard pattern as shown below in the crappy webcam shot.

With my dotting tool, I dotted in Rain Storm and Blue Away! in the appropriate squares.  Both polishes dotted in like a complete dream.  Rain Storm, just like any Sinful, is very easy to work with.  Sally Hansen's Insta Dry polishes are a miracle as well to dot with.  While the polish dries fast, it doesn't dry so fast that you can't work with it.  Can we also talk about how gorgeous that baby blue is??  Love it.

When I was done, I removed the tape one piece at a time revealing the checkerboard pattern.  I let the nails dry a bit themselves and then added the top coat.

Kind of loved these nails, and cannot wait to attempt them again with other colors.  I have an idea in my head right now with what I'm going to do when I attempt them again, but I'm not going to share.  It's a secret :P.

What do you think?  Loving my tape manicures??

If you need some nail art tape of your own, head on over to the Born Pretty Store to purchase some.  Use the code AMBK31 to receive 10% off!!!

Hope you all enjoyed this manicure!!! See you next time! <3

**Sally Hansen Insta Dri - Blue Away was provided by Sally Hansen for promotional purposes.  The nail art tape was also provided to me for promotional purposes by the Born Pretty Store (www.bornprettystore.com). All expressed opinions are my own. Please see my disclosure page for more info**

Animal Mani

PolishPedia Teddy Bears!

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Welcome to another copy cat post!  Yes, I'm not 100% original lately.  I've been busy writing my thesis for school, so the whole being creative and designing my own manicures has escaped me, for now.  Good news is that my first draft was due last week and now I am working on edits.  Still a bit more to do, but it's not as bad as creating the whole thing from the ground up.

During the time I was drafting the project, I was still painting my nails and saving up posts.  This manicure was inspired by a post I saw at PolishPedia.  It was a manicure of cute little teddy bears.  Since I had the same colors as was used in the tutorial, I thought I would attempt it with a little twist.  Overall, I'm very pleased with how it turned out....just not with how the pictures came out.  Seriously Flip Flop Fantasy is impossible to photograph!

Let's take a look!  My nails were rather long...kinda liking that length.  Of course a day later one broke and they returned to nubbins.  Also had to use the white lightbox background which turns grey.....ugh.  I need to figure this stupid thing out once and for all....or shove more light into it.

Colors Used:

  • China Glaze - Flip Flop Fantasy
  • Ulta - Snow White
  • Sinful Colors - Black on Black
Adorable, right?  In the PolishPedia tutorial, she had a white nail with pink polka dots.  I really wasn't feeling it so I decided to do two teddy bear accent nails.  I was going to do a middle and ring finger accent with the two bears looking at each other, but I decided against it since I have lately been disliking accents on those fingers.  No offense to those who do that, but it's been bugging me when I personally do it.  Besides, doing a bear face on the thumb gives you a bigger canvas and a cuter design.

To design the teddy bears, I used a nail art brush and painted the large circle for the bears head.  I filled in the inside of the bear's head using the same brush.  When it was dried, I added ears, eyes, and the nose with different sized dotting tools.

I cannot begin to tell you how proud I am of my polka dotted nails!!!  Thanks to my new dotting tools from Born Pretty, I have more sizes which makes it easier to create the perfect dot.  I was able to get them almost perfect!!!  Also, instead of starting in the center and going down the middle of the nail, and then dotting along the side, I went diagonal this time.  I think it worked out a lot better too because I again was able to cover more of the nail.

If you want to get yourself some of these dotting tools, head on over to Born Pretty and use the coupon code AMBK31 to receive 10% off!  Just click the little code on the side to go to their site!

What do you think??  Love, hate?  Are you able to photograph Flip Flop Fantasy perfectly or no?

Overall, loved having this bright and cute manicure during the middle of a snow storm!  It brightened my day so much!!!!

Until next post, <3!!

Tape Mani

Holo Tape Manicure

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I'm kind of becoming tape obsessed.  It's such a simple way to get a really neat looking manicure.  I know that in past posts I have complained about how much I hate tape manicures, but that was scotch tape manicures.  Oh the difference it makes when you have the proper tools!

Before Valentines Day, I shared with you a swatch of Color Club Cloud 9.  I only wore that polish plain for a day before I realized I had to do something with it.  That something was to add some tape and the gorgeous Zoya Storm.  All together, it was a trippy holo masterpiece.  Sadly, the pictures did not give it justice, but, it still looks cool.

Let's take a look!

Colors Used:
  • Color Club - Cloud 9
  • Zoya - Storm
To get the look, I applied three coats of Cloud 9.  Once it was completely dried (For me it was a day), I put on three pieces of tape in different directions one nail at a time.  I painted on a thin coat of Storm and let it dry completely.  I then painted another thin coat of storm, and quickly removed the tape.  Added some topcoat and bam, done.

Sadly, the Zoya shrunk a bit thnks to my Out the Door.  I have heard people having the same problems with Zoyas when they use Seche Vite, so I'm assuming it's an issue with quick dry formulas.  I know when I used to use Sally Hansen Double Duty Base and Top Coat I never had the issue.  Despite the shrinking, Storm is a gorgeous polish.  The black with the holo glitter flecks...absolutely love.  It applied like a dream as well and dried rather fast.  So happy I decided to purchase it during the Zoya promo earlier this year.

After I taped up Color Club Cloud 9, my family and I went to the butterfly garden which I fell in love with.  The worker helped put butterflies on our hands, which my nephew hated, but I thought was so cool.  All their wings were so gorgeous, and I got so many different nail ideas while in there.  Not only were there about 800 butterflies flying around (some may call this a nightmare but omg it was gorgeous), there were so many beautiful flowers, little ponds with koi and turtles, and the cutest little quails walking around.  There was even a tucan!!! 

This was the first little guy that the worker put on my hand.  Look at the gorgeous blue coloring in the wings!!!  He was a tired butterfly as he literally just sat on my hand not moving.  The others before kept flying away as soon as they touched my hand.  I thought it was because I wasn't sweet enough. 

This guy also had the most gorgeous blue wings as well.  My sister and I disappeared into the corner of the garden and picked him up ourselves.  Not sure if we were supposed to, but the butterfly was rather happy.  Look at the details on the back of his wings....just gorgeous.  It really is amazing to look at it now and see all the different detail on such a small creature.  You can also see the amazing holo goodness on my nails, I think the butterfly liked them...what do you think?

If you want to re-create this manicure, and need some nail art tape, head on over to the Born Pretty Store and purchase yourself some!  If you use the code AMBK31 and you will receive 10% off your order!!!

What do you think of the nails?? Love, hate?  Think the butterflies are awesome?

Until next time <3


Red Roses Nail Art Tutorial

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An old post I forgot to actually post!  I can't believe I did this!  This would have been perfect to put up around Valentines Day, but alas, I forgot.  So we go!


Well Hello there!  How are you all?  Today, I bring you a new tutorial!  Since a lot of my nails are inspired by tutorials, I thought I would post a tutorial to inspire some of my followers!

Ever since I posted my red rose nail art for Day 1 of the 31 Inspired Days of Nail Art Challenge, I have received numerous tweets regarding the manicure.  I decided after seeing so many "I could never do that" and "How was that possible?" I would create a little tutorial for you so you could try to copy it if you wanted!  It really isn't that hard as it seems!  It's a five step manicure!  Granted the steps may take a bit of patience, but trust me, it isn't that bad!!!

When I first saw this manicure, it was on Pinterest.  The original image was never watermarked, and when I clicked the pin it lead to the main page of F Yeah Nail Art Tumblr.  I searched for "red roses" and "roses" in hopes to find the original post, but I had no luck.  I did the manicure as I thought the original person may have done it. 

Without further a-do, here we go.

This is the manicure I posted for Day 1 - Red Nails.  It is a pretty red rose on top of a plain white nail.

To get the look, follow these five steps :)

  1. Paint your nail a base coat of your favorite white polish.  For this manicure, I used Sinful Colors Snow Me White.
  2. With a dotting tool, a large, not perfect red circle onto the nail.  Roses are not perfectly circular, so it is important to try to make the edges uneven.  I used Sinful Colors Sugar, Sugar.  I preferred using a shimmer polish over a flat creme, as I believed it really made the roses pop off of the white base.
  3. With a tooth pick or a small paint brush, use a green flat polish to paint on the leaves around the rose in the blank white area.  I used Revlon Sassy.
  4. With a toothpick or a small paint brush, add a darker green line down the middle of the flower to add dimension   I used Sinful Colors HD Nails, which is a dark green shimmer.
  5. With a dotting tool or tooth pick, outline the leaves.  Outline the rose as well with a black polish making sure to leave some open spaces around the rose.  In the center, add random circular lines to make it look like petals.  These, just like the main rose, do not have to be perfect since roses are not perfect.  I used Sinful Colors Black on Black and a tooth pick.  If you were to use a dotting tool, I suggest using a very small one.
Don't forget to apply a top coat at the VERY end!  I find if you add top coats in between nail art manicures, it never dries right.  It is important to make sure the black polish is almost completely dry before adding the top coat or you will smear the black paint on the rose/leaves/background.

You don't have to do this on every nail, trust me it would look gorgeous just on an accent nail!

Now that you see how I have done this, would you attempt the manicure?  If you do, you all better show me!!!  If this tutorial isn't clear enough, or it seems that I have missed a step, please please please let me know!  I created this at 12:30am so it may not be 100% perfect.

If there have been any other designs which you would like to see a tutorial for, please, let me know! 


Valentine's Day

Happy Valentines Day!!!!

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Happy Valentines Day!!! Also known as the day I hate!  I'm such a grinch, but I truly see Valentines Day only as a Hallmark holiday.  Aren't we supposed to show our love for our loved ones everyday and not just focus on it for one day?  Eh, whatever.  I had so many Valentines Day nail art ideas, but after doing two of them, I got kind of tired of them.  Actually, this nail art was done a few days ago and today I have no hearts or pink on my nails.  I'm kind of happy with this.

When I had my nails painted white with the gorgeous Sally Hansen Moonstone, I was going to draw a bunch of red and pink hearts all over them.  After doing a few hearts, I didn't like how it turned out.  The idea in my mind was great, but on the nails, not so much.  After that one disasticure, I took to my pinterest ideas board. I came across this cutepolish video that I pinned AGES ago.  Probably around the time I started this blog.  I always liked how it looked, so I thought I should try it.  

Le sigh, on my one year anniversary I couldn't even come up with an original post, oh well.  Actually,  I was going to attempt to re-do my first ever nail art which was a doily heart design, but when I was attempting it, I just wasn't happy.  So I gave up and vowed to not do any more Valentines Day manicures until next year.

Let's take a look at my copy-cat of cutepolish's design!

Colors Used:
  • Ulta - Snow White
  • Sally Hansen - Red Carpet
  • China Glaze - Hang Ten Toes
  • Sinful Colors - Black on Black
  • Sally Hansen - Disco Ball
Okay, they were rather cute.  I started off with two coats of Snow White.  When that was dried, I sponged on Hang Ten Toes and Red Carpet in random areas on the nail.  The red kind of turned out like a darker pink, but it still was cute.  To smooth out the sponging, I painted on a coat of Disco Ball, the worlds prettiest glitter.  When it was all dried, with my nail art brush I painted on the black hearts.

In the end, they kind of looked like hearts painted over some spray paint on a wall.  Almost like graffiti?  Maybe I'm the only one who sees it!!!

What do you think??  Do you love Valentines Day or hate it like me?

I'm off to celebrate the holiday by writing my thesis and having a lil party with my nephews!  Hope you all have a great day! <3

My One Year Anniversary!

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Today is the one year anniversary of The Little Canvas!  I cannot believe that a year ago today I started this blog.  I always liked painting my nails, and then randomly started doing nail art.  I would share them on my personal Facebook page, but nothing else.  Everyone would comment, hit the "Like" button and that was enough for me.  It was a hobby, something I enjoyed, and slowly my collection began to grow.

In late January of 2012, I ended up getting sick, and boy did it stink.  For three weeks, I literally spent my days either in bed or on the couch.  Sometimes I'd wander to the grocery store.  Majority of my time, when I wasn't attempting to do school work, was spent on Pinterest searching for new nail ideas.  That's when my "Nail Idea" board really grew.  It was during this time I discovered the world of blogging.  It was amazing to me how many nail artists there were out there.  Day in and day out, I was continually being inspired.  If I wasn't so sick at the time, I probably would have been painting my nails daily.

Since all these amazing bloggers inspired me, I thought maybe, just maybe, I could inspire someone out there too.  Sure, my nail art wasn't amazing or the cleanest at the time, but I figured I could inspire even the most amateur artists.  I wanted to show people that hey if I can do this and never had done it before in my life, then anyone could start with the right amount of dedication!

So I embarked on this journey, an amazing one at that.  My first step was to create a name of a blog, which trust me, was a difficult venture.  It seemed like all the good names were taken.  After so many people had told me I was an artist, I remembered that artists paint their masterpieces on canvases.  So who was to say that my nails weren't little canvases in their own way.  Thus, the name was born...I became The Little Canvas.

I'm not going to lie, I was nervous.  I didn't think that anyone would follow my blog, enjoy my work, or become inspired.  I am overwhelmed by the support and the following I have gained in the past year.  Sure, I'm still a lot smaller than some of the other blogs out there, but I wasn't even expecting 10 followers.  Now on the blog I have 141, Twitter has over 600, my Facebook and Instagram are over 200.....it's just amazing.

I sincerely thank all of you who have followed me this past year!  This blog has become such an outlet for me, and I really cannot imagine life without it.  I have met some of the nicest, talented people who continually inspire me.

Again, thank you everyone!  I really cannot wait to see what this next year has in store for me and The Little Canvas.  <3

Color Club

Color Club Cloud 9

9:00:00 AM

Another boring post, I know, I apologize.  Good news is that my first draft of my thesis is due Friday, then I only have to work on edits.  Therefore, I can return to the wonderful world of nail art!  I do have some nail art posts ready to post, but I want to wait and post them on Valentine's Day and after.  Plus, one of them is a Valentine's manicure and well I don't want to do any others before that day since I hate that "Holiday."

At least this post isn't as boring as a white manicure, although Sally Hansen Moonstone was shimmery, frosty perfection!  This post is holo perfection!  I posted Color Club Cloud 9 a few months back.  The pictures were awful as I posted them using a flash on my table.  Now I have my lovely DIY Lightbox which takes amazing photos.  I was able to capture the gorgeous holo using it, and I had to share!

Let's take a look!

Colors Used:

  • Color Club - Cloud 9
Can we all agree that Color Club Cloud 9 is holo perfection in a bottle?  Sadly, this is my only holo polish, but after hearing news that Color Club released new colors, I am quickly going to change that.  After seeing other swatches online of the new China Glaze holos, and old swatches of Layla holos, I feel as if the Color Club ones have the strongest effect.

Cloud 9 is a gorgeous light lavender polish, reason I was attracted to it in the first place.  I'm a lover for purples and blues, so it was a tough decision picking just one.  Since my collection was lacking lavenders, I went for this one.  As you can see, the holo shows up magnificently.  The application of the polish was a dream as well.  This manicure was done using 3 coats, but you could get away with two.

My only issue with Color Club is the bottle itself.  I like the square shape and all, but I hate that handle.  It's not because I hate it when I'm polishing, I hate it when I'm trying to open my polish.  It always gets stuck!!  No matter what I do, each and every time it is stuck.  I had a bottle of Factory Girl which was my favorite sky blue polish, and I couldn't use it for about 8 months because I could not get it open.  I ended up buying those rubber bottle opener things from Bed, Bath, and Beyond and I was able to get it open again, but seriously  it's impossible.  Hurts my poor lil hand trying.  Anyone else have that issue?

What do you think?  Love the holo, hate the holo?

I ended up doing a tape manicure with these and I will be showing you all after Valentine's Day!!!  They looked better in person than they did in the photos, but regardless, I'll be sharing!  See you soon, and wish me luck on my thesis!


No Nail Art Today - Sally Hansen Moonstone

9:00:00 AM

Oh lovely followers, I hope you forgive me for not bringing you nail art today.  As some of you may know, I'm working on my thesis project, so my nails have been put on the back burner.  I'm still painting, but not as frequently.  Manicures are staying on for more than 3 days, I'm wearing naked nails to work, it's just been crazy.  In a few weeks though, I should be back into the swing of things.

Luckily, Sally Hansen sent me some GORGEOUS Lustre Shine polishes to review.  I never purchased these polishes when they appeared in the stores because I wasn't sure how I felt about the whole duochrome thing.  After playing around with these polishes, I'm in love, and wish I bought some sooner, or even purchased some of the China Glaze duochromes.  

For this manicure, I used Moonstone, a gorgeous, frosty pearl white.  Originally, this was a base for a Valentines Day manicure, but alas, it really never came to be.  Since I took pictures of the base, and we're expected to be hit by the Winter Storm Nemo today, it's only fitting to post snow white nails.

Let's take a look!  Ignore the dry cuticles and that random hang nail thingy. I'm scared to do anything to it.

Colors Used:

  • Ulta - Snow White
  • Sally Hansen - Moonstone
For this manicure, I used one coat of each polish, and now that I look at the picture, it really looks like I used more.  I wouldn't really thank the Ulta polish for this, even though that polish has amazing coverage.  All the credit goes to the gorgeous Moonstone, which sadly I could not get to properly photograph! 

Application was perfect.  Since it is frosty, if you don't apply it perfectly straight you could have ended up with a crooked brush stroke look, but I really didn't see that as a huge issue.  The formula was great, that over this one coat of Snow White, I only needed one coat.  On the naked nail, to get full coverage, all you need is two coats.

As stated before, moonstone is a gorgeous, frosty white polish, which makes your nails look like pearls.  Depending on the light, it has a really pretty subtle pink shimmer.  Now that I look closely at the first picture, you can see the pink shimmer!  If you angle it in a different way, it turns kind of blue-ish.  Despite the fact it was so simple, I was in love with it!  I wore it for a day with no nail art, then sadly ruined it trying to attempt some.  I was really depressed and wished I wore it plain for days.  I can't wait to use it again

What do you think?  Love the frosty white look?  Have any Lustre Shines?  Ready for Nemo??

Hope to bring you some nail art next post!  I think I can make that happen as I did an awesome holo tape manicure last night.  Then I have some Valentines Day nails which I'm going to save for the awful day.  Just have to edit all them. blech. 

Until then, <3.

**Sally Hansen Moonstone was provided by Sally Hansen for promotional purposes. All expressed opinions are my own. Please see my disclosure page for more info**

Animal Print

Pink Leopard Print with Hidden Hearts

9:00:00 AM

I have to say, this manicure was rather short lived.  It's not because I disliked it, it was because it didn't turn out how I expected it to.  I think it was the accents...I need to stick to thumb and ring finger.  The only successful manicure I've had where I've used this sort of accent is when I copied Young, Wild, and Polished.  Oh how I loved that manicure.

But I digress, on to this manicure.  I keep seeing all over Instagram and the Blogger world numerous nail artists creating a leopard manicure with heart spots.  Since I love leopard manicures, I knew I had to try it.  The other night when I was on Twitter discussing what I was going to do, I convinced my little sister Kylie of SparKylie Nails to attempt them as well!  At the end of this post I'm including her manicure as well, which I think is better than mine.  Currently, Kylie isn't posting much to her blog since she's working on upgrading it, but she frequently posts her manicures on Instagram and Twitter.  Please, check her out, she's such a young talent and she is always inspiring me.  I love her default picture on Twitter!

Enough jibber jabber, onto the nails!

Colors Used:
  • Sally Hansen - Pink Blink
  • Orly - Miss Conduct
  • Sinful Colors - Black on Black
Okay, maybe they weren't as horrible as I thought.  To get these nails, I first started out with a base coat of Pink Blink and Miss Conduct.  Pink Blink is a very pretty pastel pink polish.  I love using it for nail art, although for painting a base I found it a tad difficult to use.  It wasn't the brush itself, or the application, but what happened when I was applying it.  Let me start off by saying, I love the shape of the brush, it is U shaped so it fits right up against the cuticle and with one or two swipes you get full coverage.  What I disliked was how the polish dripped down the stick part of the brush then onto the brush, and then flooded my nail.  I think if the stick part wasn't flat and square this wouldn't happen.  Then when you have such a thin lil neck on the bottle, you can't really rub much excess polish off.  Despite this, I love the polish.  It's worth it when you're working with an amazing formula.

And well, I love Orly Miss Conduct.  Perfect pink polish with holo glitter.  Gosh, I loved it.  When the bases were dried, with a dotting tool, I added the hearts and the leopard spots.  With my nail art brush, I outlined all the spots with black and filled in some of the blank areas.

Now time for Kylie's masterpiece!

Cute, right??  Amazing talent this lil chica has.  I love her bigger hearts.  Mine disappeared into the leopard, while hers stood out which I like.  The colors Kylie used were Zoya - Dana, Loreal - Penthouse Pink, and Black Acrylic Paint.  Maybe I need to start using acrylics?  hmmm.  

Have you tried this design?  Like Kylie's nails?  Like my nails?  Had that issue with the Sally Hansen brush I had?

Slowly I'm getting into the Valentines Day spirit through my nail art.  I still hate the holiday, nothing will change that, and I cannot wait for the 15th!  For all you lovely followers though, I shall continue to put on some Valentines Day nail art.  Do you have any suggestions?  I'd love to hear!

Until next time <3

**Sally Hansen Pink Blink was provided by Sally Hansen for promotional purposes. All expressed opinions are my own. Please see my disclosure page for more info**

Gradient Mani

My First Successful Tape Mani - A Born Pretty Store Review

9:00:00 AM

Now we all know me, I dislike a few things in this lil nail polish blog-o-sphere.  Those things are, simple manicures (on me only, on others they look amazing and for me I freak), water marbling, and tape manicures.  After this manicure, I believe we can take tape manicures off that list.

In the past, whenever I've attempted tape mani's, I would use scotch tape.  Each and every single time I attempted to use scotch tape, I would rip off a could portion of the base coat, or the stupid polish would sneak under the tape.  I became extremely jealous of all the other girls who could successfully do a scotch tape manicure.

I received some nail art tape from the Born Pretty Store to review.  I was iffy about it due to my past with scotch tape, but I was quick to see it was a totally different experience.  And now, I am in LOVE with tape manicures!!!

For this manicure, I was inspired by a gradient laser tape manicure I saw over at Chalkboard Nails.  Instead of using the same colors Sarah used, I decided to go all pink since Valentines Day is right around the corner.  Despite my hate for the holiday, I thought I would be festive, especially for you followers.  Let's see what I came up with using my new tape!

Colors Used:
  • Ulta - Snow White
  • Sally Hansen - Pink Blink
  • Ulta - Flamingo
  • Sinful Colors Fig
Love, love, love!  To get this look, I started with a base coat of Ulta Snow White.  I believe that this is my new favorite white polish.  For this manicure, I used only white coat on the base.  Typically I use 2 for full coverage, but for some reason, when I applied one coat this time I did have full coverage.  

Since I only used one coat, I decided to skip a layer of Out the Door and waited five minutes for the white polish to dry.  When dried, I took four pieces of nail art tape and placed them on the nail in different directions.  It is easiest to do this one nail at a time.  I could not imagine having tape on all my nails then attempting a gradient.

Once the tape was applied, I took my make up sponge and painted my colors on and dabbed it onto a paper plate.  After a few dabs, I dabbed the sponge onto my nail.  When the gradient had completely covered the nail, I quickly removed the tape.  I waited a few seconds, then added some Out the Door.  Bing, bang, boom, took a bit of time, but in the end it was worth it.  Love.

I'm in love with this tape.  To me it was super easy to use!  It didn't stick onto the nail so much that it ripped off the paint base, and it wasn't not sticky enough that it didn't want to stick.  My only complaint was that I kept losing the end of the tape!!  When you have wet nails, this can be a problem!  I decided to pre-cut all my strips of tape before.  Actually, I used about 12 little pieces all together.  I was lucky to be able to use the same pieces numerous times.  Maybe because I was doing a gradient and not as much paint was getting onto the top of the tape?  Who knows.

In order to alleviate my losing the end of the tape problem, when I was all done with my manicure, I took some scotch tape and folded it around the end of the tape.  This way, I will easily be able to find it.  I found it nearly impossible to roll over this tape on top of itself, reason I reached for the scotch tape.

If you like what you see, and need your own nail art tape, head on over to the Born Pretty Store.  Currently, the 12 rolls of nail art striping tape is $1.90 and you get free shipping.  If you want them even cheaper, use the code AMBK31 to get 10% off!  How can you go wrong!  Seriously, if you want quick, easy, and really fun manicures, go get some now!

I cannot wait to use my tape some more!!!  Wonder what else I'll be able to come up with!

Do you like nail art tape?  Have your own set?  Never used it?  Lover of scotch tape manicures?

Until next time, <3

**The nail art tape was provided by the Born Pretty Store (www.bornprettystore.com) for promotional purposes. All expressed opinions are my own. Please see my disclosure page for more info**