31 Day Challenge - Day 5 - Blue Nails!

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Day 5 of the 31 Days of Inspired Nail Art Challenge!  That means it's Blue Nails day!!!! woot woot!  The day I am so excited for since I am a sucker for a blue polish and own so many!!  I don't know what it is about blue, but I love it.  Funny considering my favorite color is purple.  Hmmm....

Anyways, I had so many ideas for this manicure day, that was until I saw an amazing tutorial on the blog Nailed It which I had to recreate!  I was in love the moment I saw it.  Blues...gradients....ahhhhh gorgeousness!  This manicure is called Bleeding Blue.

Let's see if I butchered it or not....(My light blue didn't show up well in the pictures *sad face*)

Colors Used:
  • Sinful Colors - Snow Me White
  • Revlon - Dreamer
  • Sinful Colors - Midnight Blue
  • NYC Matte Me Crazy Top Coat
Love it!  So pretty and eye catching, and I cannot wait to try this with other colors.  I followed each step of the tutorial.  With one of my handy, dandy, new nail art paint brushes, I messily painted on my sky blue polish, Dreamer.  When that was dried, I did the same thing with my dark blue, Midnight Blue.  When it was dried, I decided to put on my new matte top coat.  Reason being, I thought it would look awesome, which it did.  I don't think I would have liked it as much if the polish were shiny.

My advice if you do this design is to make sure you wrap your tips!!!!  I didn't put enough polish at the tips of my nails, and literally not even 24 hours later, my tips were worn off and all you could see was the white polish.  It was easy enough though to touch up.  I added a bit more matte top coat and it looked like a fresh manicure.

What do you think?  Is this something you would do with other colors?  Matte or shiny?

As a reminder, this is the challenge!  Don't forget to check out the other lovely ladies posts!

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