Zoya Hudson, Rebel, and Seraphina Nail Art

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Happy Sunday, or as I want to call it, Happy Stupid Daylight Savings Day for those who are affected by it.  Worst time of the year is when we have to Spring forward and forgo that hour of sleep.  I'm all for daylight savings in the Fall when we gain an hour, but this Spring one is awful and it takes me a bit to get used to.  A good thing about it though, is that Spring is right around the corner!  Well, hopefully.  I think we're supposed to get snow again but hopefully it will be the last time.

Even if the weather isn't saying that Spring is right around the corner, the polish companies sure are!  This is one of my favorite times of the year when it comes to polish collections.  So many pastels!  Blues, purples, mints...oh how I love it!  A week or so ago I received the Zoya Awaken collection and I literally tripped over myself to take the mani I had on off my nails and start playing with these pretty babies.

I immediately gravitated towards Hudson and Rebel, the purple and blue shimmers of the collection.  I swatched Hudson on my pointer and Rebel on my middle and decided that there needed to be some sort of accent which incorporated the two.  I grabbed my bottle of Seraphina from the Zenith collection since it had a similar shimmer finish and got to work.

Let's take a look!

Colors Used:
  • Zoya - Hudson
  • Zoya - Rebel
  • Zoya - Seraphina
  • Orly - Instant Artist - Jet Black
Before I get to how I did this manicure, or why I decided to go with a stained glass color block accent, I must talk about how GORGEOUS Hudson and Rebel are.  Hudson is a purple orchid polish with a silver metallic shimmer.  It applied like a dream and I had full coverage in two coats.  I decided to go for three coats with this manicure because I really loved the purple and wanted an extra burst of color.  Rebel is a blue sky polish with a silver metallic shimmer.  Just like Hudson, it applied like a dream and I had full coverage in two coats.  I decided to keep this one at two coats for the manicure because the color was saturated enough and I was scared if I did three that I would overpower the purple.  Since both polishes have that silver shimmer, Seraphina was an obvious choice to pair them with.  I used three coats of Seraphina because I find this one to be a tad sheer.  It's not awful with 2 coats, you most certainly could get away with it, but I think when next to bright beauties like Hudson and Rebel, it really has to pop.

The silver shimmer in both Hudson and Rebel is just gorgeous.  They're not like your typical metallic polishes and they aren't your typical shimmer polishes.  They're somewhat of a hybrid of both.  A couple people actually asked me what top coat I used to get the effect because they didn't think it was part of the actual polish.  They dried sort of like a satin polish in my opinion, they weren't overly shiny but they weren't dull.  They were just gorgeous.

Overall, the manicure is gorgeous in my opinion.  I went with the stained glass color block look because after I put some dots on top of Seraphina, I thought to myself "Goodness, these would look good as a color block."  I removed my dots, and took my Orly Instant Artist striper and added some random lines across the nail.  When the lines were dry, I used my dotting tool to add the color where I wanted it.  Then I went back through with my striper to even some lines out.  You an see where I messed up a little but oh well, from a distance you couldn't tell.  Regardless, who was looking at the accent when the other nails were so pretty!?

What do you think?  Are you a fan of the Awaken shimmers?

I cannot wait to use Dillion, the mint shimmer, from this collection.  I think all three need to be paired together for some Easter nail art!

If you would like to get your hands on any of these polishes from the Awaken collection, they are for sale on Zoya's website for $9 a bottle.  Currently, Zoya has a sale where you buy two polishes you get any green polish for free, so really now is your time to buy!  Think about it, you could get Hudson and Rebel, then Dillion would be free since it's green!  This deal ends on 3/17, you can check out the details here!

Until next time, <3.

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**Polishes used in this post were provided for PR purposes. Please see my disclosure policy**

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