February Nail Artist of the Month: Riot_PR

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Good morning polished world!  How are you all today?!  I hope you are doing fabulously!  We are getting hit by another winter storm...shocking, right?  Pretty much planning on staying in my house today and baking lots of cookies.  I have zero want to go outside in the below zero windchills.  Ugh, is Spring here yet??

Well, the February Nail Artist of the Month is for sure not dealing with any of these cold winter temperatures!  This month I selected Amanda from @riot_pr!  I've been following her for awhile and have been impressed with her clean swatches, and her cute nail art!  It was about time that I feature her!

Enough of my babbling, time to hand the blog over to Amanda!


My name is Amanda & I'm from Arizona :)

My nail art journey started in 2010, after using some pretty colors to make polka dots, or rotating 2 or 3 colors on every other finger. I would post my creations on facebook, & my friends would comment, "How cute!", or, "These are cool!" They'd ask me to paint their nails; girls at work would ask as well. I thought that was it & I didn't really practice or work on my skills until one fateful day in 2012 when I downloaded a phenomenon known as "Instagram" ;) It was there that I found, I wasn't the only one with a passion for this nail art racket, & I slowly started making friends & learning so many different techniques! It's been a fun ride so far, but I still have so much to learn. If you're new to the IG nail community, welcome! And if you're a seasoned vet, thanks for teaching me some stuff! :)

Okay, okay... enough rambling :)

I decided to do some nail art inspired by my state flag. I used Zoya "Arizona" as my base (orange), red acrylic paint for the stripes & that gorgeous blue glitter is "Friendship" from @simplybeautiful1973 ♡ The gold star is from a variety pack of charms I got from Amazon. Topped it all off with Glass fast dry top coat by @ellageepolish :)

Thank you so much for checking me out, & a big thank you to Alaina @thelittlecanvas for this opportunity! :)

That Zoya is so gorgeous!  I don't have anything like that in my collection and must find it or a dupe!  So cool that Amanda was inspired by her state flag!  And that the color is called Arizona which is her state....a much warmer state than mine.  Oh how I wish I wasn't up north here in the cold.

Make sure to head on over to Instagram and follow Amanda!!

Thank you so much for this awesome post!!!

Until next time, <3.

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