The One With the Mix and Match Mani for Twinsie Tuesday

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Good morning polished world!  How are you all doing on this fine Tuesday?  Since it is Tuesday, that means it is time for yet another Twinsie Tuesday!  This week our prompt is Mix and Match.  This is the perfect prompt for me because let's face it, all of my manicures are mix and match manis!  For those of you who don't know, a mix and match manicure is where you mix up a bunch of different techniques, and match them together in one manicure.  At least, that's how I interpret it.

So, Amanda from Fashion Footing gave me a coupon code for ILNP.  Since I didn't own any, I thought I would take advantage of the coupon and splurge...and boy did I.  Today's mix and match manicure uses two of my new beauties, Harbour Island and Missed Calls.

Let's take a look!

Colors Used:
  • ILNP - Missed Calls
  • ILNP - Harbour Island
  • Orly - White Tips
Holy holo, am I right!?  I am so happy to have these beauties in my collection.  Harbour Island is a gorgeous teal jelly with holo glitter pieces throughout.  I was unsure of this one, but as soon as I opened the box, this was the one I gravitated towards and was beyond happy I purchased.  On the website, she writes that it takes 3-4 coats for it to be opaque, but I thought it built up quite nicely with two coats.  Maybe because I don't have longer nails and my "smile line" or whatever is barely there I didn't noticed the sheerness.  Honestly though, I think that the base was so packed with holo glitter, it took away from the fact it was a jelly.  Oh many the mermaid ideas I have with this polish.

Missed Calls was another one I wasn't sure about purchasing.  I figured it would be just like a black polish with a holo topper.  I figured I could just use Orly Liquid Vinyl and my Nine Zero Holo All The Things and save myself the money.  Oh boy, I was wrong.  So happy I purchased this.  It's a black/grey polish with such a strong holo effect.  Two coats and you have full, beautiful coverage.  I think this would make for a gorgeous base for galaxy nails.

My manicure was kind of inspired by this one I found on Pinterest.  I liked the general look of the mix and match acrylics.  Since I loathe all things 3D on my nails, I translated the 3D into nail art using the holos and such.

What do you think?  Fan of this look?  Lover of ILNP?

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Until next time, <3.

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