The One With the Abstract Looking Flowers

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Good morning polished world!  How are you all doing today?  It's Saturday so you know that I'm going to be sleeping in and doing absolutely nothing today.  Okay, that's a lie, I actually have some things I need to do this afternoon.  Oh well.

Today I'm sharing with you a manicure inspired by Young, Wild and Polished using my beloved ORLY polishes.  I just want to take a second to talk about how upset I am that Sally Beauty has cut their ORLY collection down to half and no longer carries any of the Limited Edition collections.  Due to this, my ORLY collection isn't expanding.  Thank God I discovered that HBBeauty Bar now has all the LE collections and I can stock up again.  

Lets take a look at my manicure! 

Colors Used:
  • ORLY - Liquid Vinyl
  • ORLY - Whtite Tips
  • ORLY - Risky Behavior
I absolutely love this manicure.  I love the fun abstract floral design!  I wish I could remember which other colors I splashed in there along side Risky Business but for the life of me I cannot remember.  This is a prime reason why I need to write down what polishes I use when I use them.  Oh well, looks like I used an orange and a perwinkle.

Design is super easy to do.  First you paint on your base coat of white polish.  When that's dry, you go through with a medium dotting tool and add the pink flowers.  Once those are on, just fill in the empty spaces with the random splotches of color using a small dotting tool.  Then I went through with a toothpick and added the centers of the flowers.

I love my ORLY's.  Liquid Vinyl is by far one of my favorite black polishes.  Two coats and you have full shiny coverage.  The best part, the bottle doesn't get goopy until the very bottom of the bottle, which is a huge plus for me since I use black polish like it's going out of style.

What do you think of the look?  A manicure you would attempt?  Fan of ORLY?  Upset that Sally Beauty isn't carrying as many anymore??

Until next time, <3.

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