The One With the Halloween Smoosh Manicure

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Good morning polished people! How are you all doing on this fine Tuesday?  Can you believe Tuesday is already here?  I feel like Monday just came and went.  Actually yesterday was just an odd day.  Work was okay, but when I came home from work, my relaxing night of making dinner and lounging turned into chaos.  It was kind of windy here, so the trees across the street started to hit the power lines, causing the tree to catch fire, which then in turn brought the fire department to the neighborhood.  The fire department brought the electric company who threw the power for the whole street while they fixed it.  Of course, they threw the power off 10 minutes after I started dinner, so everything stopped cooking and just sat.  About an hour or so later the power went back on, I was able to finish dinner, but it just threw my whole night off.  Oh well.

Thankfully I had my nails painted so I didn't have to worry or even consider painting by candlelight which I have done in the past.  Today's design is yet another Halloween one.  It is a recreation of last year's smoosh manicure.  I love the smoosh designs, and rarely do them.  I"m not sure why, especially when they produce such amazing results like this one.

Let's take a look!

Colors Used:
  • Serendipity Polish - Building My Empire
  • Serendipity Polish - Orange County Girl
  • Serendipity Polish - #GoalDigger
I'm finding it hard to believe that I have yet to use Orange County Girl from my Serendipity Polish line.  Still feeling the pains of this company closing.  I seriously love their polish and miss them terribly.  Roxie did begin a new company which is really awesome raising awareness for causes, but I'm selfishly missing these pretty collections.

This manicure is super easy to create. First you start off with a base of white polish.  Then with a stamper, I drip a few drips of white, black, and orange, then smoosh it onto a paper plate, then onto the nail.  Added a little top coat, and called it a day.  Seriously love how each nail looks so differently!

What do you think?  Fan of this look??  Something you've done before??

Until next time, <3.

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