The One With the ILNP Mosaic Manicure

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Hello all!  How are you all doing on this wonderful Monday?  It really isn't wonderful, but I'm being optimistic that it will be.  So far we woke up to some lovely snow....again, and some lovely cold temperatures....again.  We are in third winter here.  You know, when you think Spring is actually going to happen, but then winter rears its head again leaving you nice, cold, and under a mound of snow.

Despite the awful weather, I decided to crack out my ILNP Summer polishes from last year and do something fun and bright on my nails.  After pre-ordering the whole ILNP Spring Lush collection, and a few from the Tranquility collection, I was wanting to use some of my older pretties.  These are holding me over until all my new babies arrive.  That shipment date of March 12th cannot come soon enough.

I really couldn't decide on which one of the Ultra Holos from Summer 2018 I wanted to use, therefore I decided to use all of them.  I combined them all into a fun mosaic looking manicure.  I really loved the end result.

Let's take a look!

Colors Used:
  • ILNP - Sail Away
  • ILNP - Pick Me Up
  • ILNP - Kiss and Tell
  • ILNP - Sidekick
  • ILNP - Tidal Wave
  • ILNP - Sundance
Look at how gorgeously holographic this manicure is!  These polishes absolutely are ultra holographic.  The color is so concentrated in all of them as well!  This manicure wasn't done on a base of white like most people thought.  Nope, I started off with two coats of Sail Away as my base.  Yes, that gorgeous, turquoise beauty was the base for this manicure and all those lovely, bright colors were layered on top of it.

When my base of Sail Away was dried, I added my lines using a black acrylic.  I then started filling in the empty spaces with different polishes from the collection.  I was nervous they'd disappear over the turquoise and it was a huge risk, but it paid off so much.  Even Sundance (the green) showed up brilliantly as if it were on a white base.

What do you think?  Love these polishes?  Do you own any of them?  Did you pre-order any of the Spring polishes?

Until next time, <3.

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