Blue Tribal-Ish Nails and Nail Art Society Re-Launch

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Alright, polished peeps, finally the post I said I would do days ago!  As I mentioned, I am now a Guru for the Nail Art Society.  It is such an honor to be considered a guru in this blogging community.  I never, in a million years, thought my blog would reach as many people as it has, nor did I ever consider that people would look at me as a guru.  It still hasn't fully sunk in, but I am truly thankful for this experience.

For those of you who do not know, the Nail Art Society provides monthly nail art kits to it's subscribers for $9.95 (plus shipping) a month.  For those of you who do know what NAS is and used to be a subscriber, you are aware that the business stopped sending kits for a little bit, but now they are back and better than ever with their new re-launch!

In the re-launched kit, subscribers will receive four Orly Instant Artist Water Based polishes, along with 2 packs of Cala Water Decals.  I have yet to use the water decals because my nubbins couldn't fit them on, but I will be in the near future.  For now though, I have used, and fallen in love with the the Orly Instant Artist Water Based Polishes.

For my manicure today, I decided to go a little tribal.  Originally, I wasn't planning on doing this, but as I got to working with the brushes, I continued adding and it ended up looking that way.  I kind of got lazy and decided to not apply this design on all the nails, and well I love how it turned out.  The only nails that have the Orly Instant Artists on them are the thumb and ring finger, the colors used are listed below.

Colors Used:
  • Sinful Colors - Endless Blue
  • Sally Hansen Celeb City
  • Orly Instant Artist
    • Jet Black
    • Crisp White
    • Hot Blue
    • Platinum
The look was rather easy.  I used Orly Instant Artist in Crisp White to cover both my ring and thumb.  When that was dry, with Jet Blue, I created two lines down the nail and filled in the edges.  I then took Jet Black and created the random little design down the middle.  I wanted to incorporate Platinum, therefore I added the silver lines next to the black.  To get the white dots, I dripped a little Crisp White on a plate and used my smallest dotting tool.

Look, I did bottle shots!  Can you believe it!  I never have done this, but I thought why not for this manicure?  I wanted to show how similar the Orly's were to the blue and silver plain nails.  I didn't want use other polishes with the Orly's, but when I saw Sinful Colors Endless Blue was a dead on dupe of Hot Blue, I knew I could get away with paring them.  You can kind of see that the Orly looks a little different on the ring finger when next to the pinkie.  The silvers were a tad different too.  My middle finger has Celeb City which as more of a metallic finish than the Orly Platinum.

I am not a huge fan of striper polishes, but these Orly's are amazing.  The water based polish is similar to that of an acrylic paint, therefore you can easily fix mistakes if needed without using nail polish remover and destroying your whole manicure.  The striper is long, but not too long that it's awkward to work with.  The polish itself is perfect also.  When it applies to the nail, it's rather opaque so you don't have to trace the same line over and over again to get it stand out.

I really love the blue polish and how vibrant it was.  I'm a sucker for blue polishes, so I can see myself using that one a lot.  The black and white one I can see myself using a lot.  As a nail artist, these are two polishes that I'm constantly running out of.  I am in love with Orly Liquid Vinyl, so it is no surprise to me that Orly hit it out of the park with Jet Black.  I'm not sure when I will use the silver striper again, but since it had such a great formula, I will try to fit it into other manicures, especially around Christmas time.

What do you think?  Ever used an Orly Instant Artist Polish?

I think this is such a great kit that NAS has created this month, and will certainly make a nail artist out of anyone.  I love how easy these stripers were to use.  I especially loved that you can "erase" your mistakes, which if you have ever done nail art know is something that happens.  There have been plenty of times I made mistakes using polishes to create a design, and I have to take off the whole nail (or sometimes the whole manicure), and start all over.  It's beyond frustrating, and I believe that's probably why people give up on nail art so quickly.  Given a tool, such as this one, can create a pro out of anyone and makes nail art simple!  I think it is brilliant that NAS picked these polishes for their relaunch kit!

If you want to grab a kit, head on over to the Nail Art Society and subscribe!!

Whew, see why I wanted to postpone this post until I was more awake?  I shall stop babbling!

Until next time, <3.

**Orly Instant Artists were provided to me by the Nail Art Society.  Please see my disclosure policy**

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