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Hello everyone!  It's officially Fall, and well I couldn't be happier!  Do not get me wrong, I love Summer, and it's sad to see it go, but I really really love Fall.  Honestly, I think it's my favorite season.  The changing of the leaves, the cooler temperatures, being cozy inside, baking apple and pumpkin treats, ahhhhh Fall, how can you hate it?  Now wait, I bet when Winter and Spring comes I'll start off a post with how much those are my favorite seasons.  Guess we shall wait and see!

Today I'm bringing you a camo manicure I posted a sneak peek of on Instagram a few weeks ago when I really wasn't feeling the manicure.  After so many of my lovely followers said they loved the manicure, I decided it can't be that bad and I would post it here today!  This manicure was done using a few of the Zoya Cashmere polishes along with one other random Zoya that I have had for awhile.  When I first received this collection, I knew I wanted to try a camouflage manicure of some sort since the colors were perfect for it!

Let's take a look!  Reason I don't like Fall, back to the lightbox I go.....

Colors Used:
  • Zoya - Flynn
  • Zoya - Hunter
  • Zoya - Louise
  • Zoya - Avery
Mehhhhh, still not feeling this manicure.  I'm not huge on earth toned colors being combined like this all in the same manicure.  Separately, the colors are gorgeous.  It's nothing against the polishes, seriously they're all great, it's just my personal preference.  I am super impressed with how rich the colors were in Flynn, Hunter, and Louise.  

Flynn is the base, which applied so well in two coats.  I almost could have gotten away with one coat since I was planning on doing the design on top, but I decided to put two since there were a few bald spots.  Hunter and Louise were very saturated with color as well.  I swatched them individually before doing the nail art and I could have again gotten away with one coat.  These polishes are what a nail artist dreams of when looking for the best nail art polish.  When using a doting tool, as I did in this manicure, you never have to worry that the polish will transfer too light like some thinner polishes do.

To get the look, I started off with my base coat of Flynn.  When it was dried, I took my dotting tool and added random splotches of Louise, the chocolate brown polish.  Oh boy, do I have ideas with this polish for Christmas (reindeer anyone?).  I then took Hunter, the green polish, and again dotted on random splotches.  This is a perfect green for leaves or forest-y manicures.  I then took Avery, a nude polish I purchased awhile ago, and did the same thing.  I went back through with Flynn to fill in any weird areas, and called it a night.

What do you think?  Have you used the Zoya Cashmeres yet?  Ever done a camo manicure?  Any suggestions how to make them look more camo-ed?

Can't wait to play around more with the Cashmere polishes a little more with some nail art designs!  I wonder what I could do!  If you have any ideas, feel free to send me a message!

Until next time, <3.

**The Zoya Cashmere polishes were provided to me by Zoya for promotional purposes.  I purchased Zoya Avery.  Please see my disclosure policy.**

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