March Nail Artist of the Month: 25_SweetPea!

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Good morning polished world!  How are you all today??   I'm doing quite swell.  It warmed up to about 30 degrees here this week, so it's like a little heat wave.  I hate that I'm saying 30 degrees is a heat wave, but oh well.  I cannot wait until it's 60 again.  At least it's March, so that means that warmer weather is coming soon!

Since it's March, that means it is time to name another Nail Artist of the Month!  I am so pleased to introduce you all to Sarah from 25 Sweet Peas!  I first discovered her on her Instagram account @25_sweetpea!  I've been following Sarah for awhile, and I'm kicking myself that I haven't featured her sooner.  She is beyond talented and all her work is so perfect and neat!

I'll let you see for yourself!  Everybody, please welcome 25 Sweetpea!

Hello guys! I can't believe I am writing a guest post for the lovely Alaina! When she asked me to be the Artist of the Month for March I was completely shocked and super excited! Made my day so thank you so much Alaina!

So if you all don't know me I am 25 Sweetpea! Some of you may know me from my blog that I just started but most likely you know me as @25_sweetpea on Instagram! A few years ago, I started my Instagram and started following so many wonderful nail artists. Then I started to do nail art and post it on Instagram and since then it has all just snowballed, and now I am here! Just opened my blog in the end of January, and currently have some really cool things in the works! It's all really exciting.

So today for you all I have a fun tropical mani! I know many of you are having a harsh winter so maybe looking at something tropical will help! :)

I really actually like how these turned out! These nails were actually inspired by a PINK phone wallpaper I have saved on my phone. I love florals, which this kind of is, and I love bright colors, and palms so these are perfect for me! Also when I was trying to decide what nails to do for this special post I decided it had to be something that was a favorite thing to paint and that it needed to represent me. So since I am from Florida I thought "Why Not!".

For these nails I used the 2 China Glazes, Highlight of My Summer, and At Vase Value. All of the art details were done with acrylic paint. I had a lot of fun working with these colors! They are for sure some of my favorites. Plus this design in general was just really fun to do. :)

Well that's the last photo I have for you all! Hope you liked them, and once again thank you so much Alaina! Such an honor to get to do this, still can't believe it!!

Happy Painting!

~25 Sweetpea

Amazing. Just amazing! First, I need that China Glaze polish. I hate myself for never purchasing it! Please, oh please China Glaze make Highlight of My Summer part of your core collection!  Second, a tropical floral design??  This is the PERFECT manicure to cure my winter blues!  Maybe I can re-create it on a light mint base.

Please make sure to follow 25 Sweetpea on her Blog, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest!!!  You will not be sorry!!!

Thank you so much for this awesome post!  I'm happy to finally feature you!!!

Until next time, <3.

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