Quick Update!

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Hello and happy Friday!  FINALLY!  Although, tomorrow I won't be able to sleep in much, it's nice to just be able to have a day off.  Don't get me wrong, I love work, but we all need a day or two to re-charge so we can be at our best!!!  You know me, I would love if we had a three day weekend, but by Sunday night I always am ready to go back and start the new week.  Doesn't hurt that I love my job.  Do what you love, and it's really not work, right?

The same goes for this blog....do what you love, and it's really not work.  The Little Canvas to me is a labor of love.  Three years ago when I started this blog, I never realized what my hobby would become.  I love coming home and playing with my polishes and working on this blog.  Through it I have met some great people, inspired others, and hopefully spread the word of other nail artists out there.  Interacting with my readers and other bloggers is so neat, especially when you can talk to someone who is on the other side of the world who shares the same little hobby as you do.  It's funny to think that nail polish, of all things, can connect so many of us together in this great community!

I'm getting side tracked, yes The Little Canvas is a labor of love, and therefore I am not planning on giving it up anytime in the future.  I feel though when I go "MIA" or am not as active on social media or here on the blog, I owe it to you guys to give a little explanation and not just abandon everyone.  Especially since I have received comments from some of you lovelies saying that you cannot wait for my next creation!

Life has gotten a tad hectic, so I'm not posting as much.  Typically I have about 3 to 4 manicures ready to post, but I by the time I get settled in to actually edit the photos, I'm exhausted.  I did go through and edit a huge batch, so I have about 5 manicures to share with you all!

I'm also not posting as much because I'm not painting as much as I was.  Or at least I think I am not.  Winter has been quite long and harsh, and my nails are paying the price.  Dry hands, cuticles, and nails have led to lots of breaks on my right hand, and wonky cuticles all around.  I've been having more "naked nail" days where I just let my nails breath and moisturize them.  It helps, but after 5 days again with polish on them, they are back in their dry state.  Now that the temperature is warming up, I'm hoping that my nails will turn back to normal!

Next week, I'm going to convert to a blogging schedule of posts every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday.  I used to post every three days, but with Twinsie Tuesday (a group I love to the moon and back), that becomes impossible.  So this whole Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday thing should work.

Anywho, if I disappear, just know it's not because I've abandoned the blog, it's because something has come up and I will be back soon!!!  There is always something to post...even if I start revisiting old manicures or even a swatch here or there!

As always, thank you all for your constant support of my little blogging endeavor.  You all are awesome and I have been so blessed to be given this opportunity to share my designs with the world!

Until next time, <3.

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