The One with the Abstract Nail Art Inspired by CoffeeAndNailPolish

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Good morning polished world, and happy Saturday!!  Yes, Saturday is finally upon us!  Cannot be happier.  Excuse me as I sleep all day and lounge all night.  Last night I had a nail fail, so I assume I'll be painting sometime during the day as well.  Maybe.  Who knows.  I have quite the back log of manicures again so I could go maybe a whole weekend without painting and still have enough manicures to last me about two weeks at the rate I'm posting.

Anyways, today I am sharing with you a manicure inspired by Shannon from Coffee and Nail Polish.  Last month in my round up post, I highlighted her purple abstract manicure as being one of my favorites by other bloggers in the month of April.  I put it on my list to recreate and a week or so ago I got around to doing so.  Instead of using purple, I used a holo mint polish which is absolutely gorgeous.

Let's take a look!

Colors Used:
  • ILNP - Music Box
  • Sally Hansen - I <3 Nail Art Stripers in Black and White
Yes, you read that right, I used actual stripers.  I didn't cheat and use acrylics.  Not going to lie, I was SO nervous to use my stripers because if you mess up using one of these, there's no dabbing with water and removing the design.  Nope, you mess up the whole nail has to come off or you have to figure out how to fix it some how.  Luckily,  I don't think I messed any of my nailis up.  Maybe a little when I added the top coat and some blurred, but other than that, I really think I did a good job using polish stripers!

These stripers are really easy to use and that's probably why I didn't mess up at all.  A long while ago, I posted about them and how they have a shorter brush compared to most.  I feel like I have more control when the brushes are short versus when they're just as long as the polish bottle.

ILNP Music Box is drop dead gorgeous.  Two coats and you have a beautiful mint polish with a subtle holo effect.  I'm so hpapy I purchased this polish back when I went on my ILNP shopping spree.  If you are a lover of mints, then you NEED to have this shade!!

What do you think?  Lover of the abstract look?  Think it's something you'd try to recreate?

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Until next time, <3.

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