The One With February Monthly Mani Favs

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Good morning polished world!  How are you all doing?  Can you believe today is last day of February?  Sure, it's the shortest month of the year, but it still flew by.  I swear it was just New Years Eve.  This whole month is odd though.  It's been the warmest February on record, it feels like it's Spring, and we have had no snow.  I don't get it.

Since it's the last day of the month, I thought it would be fitting to share my monthly mani favs.  Unfortunately I didn't post a lot this month, but I had enough to pull together my four favorites!

Let's take a look!

  1. The One With the Gradient and the Dry Brush - I really loved this manicure, I think it was my favorite of the whole month.  The purple to pink, the sparkle,and the random black swipes, it just all came together nicely.
  2. The One With the Mosaic Nail Art - I loved the color combination of this one as well.  I haven't done a free hand mosaic in years, so I'm happy that I re-attempted one this month.  I still need to get my hands on the new Serendipity Polish collection.
  3. Bestie Twin Nails with 25SweetPeas! - This month I did a Bestie Twin Nail feature with the lovely Sarah from 25SweetPeas.  We decided to do a black and white interlocking dot manicure.  Second favorite manicure of the month for sure!  Close to being number one!  I really need to do more interlocking manicures like this in the future.  They were so fun!
  4. The One With the Rose Manicure - This is a re-creation of a manicure I did years and years ago.  It was one of my favorites then, and still is now.  I think each month I'm going to re-create a manicure I did years ago.  Now that this blog has been around for five years, I'm allowed to do that.
What do you think?  Which is your favorite?

Alright all, I'm going to have a busy few weeks on the blog!  I have some swatches to share, and new nail art to post.  I swear I'm going to be posting a lot and will be getting out of this blogging funk!  

Until next time, <3.

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