The Super Late March #MonthlyManiFavs

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Welcome to April, lovelies!  So remember how I cut my fingernail half off?  Yeah, I do.  I've been in mourning and forgetting about the blog because of said mourning.  Plus I'm holding off on sharing my posts so I don't run out of content while it grows out.  Here's the good news, the injury is in such a place that I'm able to seal the nail down with some New Skin and paint over it.  Therefore, I've now painted my nails twice in a two week period.  I'm being cautious because I'm just scared something might happen to it.  I think when the injury gets to the end of the nail, then I really will have to put a hiatus on painting because I'll have uber nubs.

Anyways, I'll count my blessings that I have a backlog of posts, and I'm slowly able to paint.  But alas, I have forgotten to post this Monthly Mani Favs post in a timely manner.  I came to post an old design and saw the draft for this.  Oh well, better late than never.

Let's take a look.

  • The One With Cirque Colors Paraiba - So I got 8 Cirque polishes last year, and I think have only used one up until this manicure.  I don't know why I've held off because look how gorgeous that is!!!  Ugh perfect polish, fun abstract design.
  • The One With the Interlocking Dot Manicure - ILNP Music Box is one of my all time favorite holo polishes.  Mint + Holo = perfection.  The interlocking dot design is one of my favorites, and this polish mixed with the black.  Totally loved it.
  • The One With the Easter Bunnies - Pretty much my only Easter design I did before the big injury.  Sigh, I had so many planned.  This one though is beyond adorable and you can see why I do it almost every year.
  • The One With the Springy Floral Design - Ahhhh my first real Spring manicure this year!  Too bad that it's cold as hell out and it's not looking to get warmer anytime soon.  This design really is one of my favorites because of the color combo.
What do you think?  Which one was your favorite?

Alright, I'll remember to post from here on out, injury or not!

Until next time, <3.

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