The One With Another Floral Manicure

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Good morning polished world!  How are you all doing on this Friday?  It's almost time for the weekend.  I'm excited, tomorrow I'm going to Painting With a Twist for my friend's birthday!  It's going to be a fun sunflower painting.  My first time I went, the painting turned out really well and I absolutely loved it.  Who knows, maybe because it's a floral design, I'll rock it.  You know me and my love for florals.  I'll post a picture on Instagram if it turns out well!

Today's design is, can you guess, a floral one!!!!!  Sure it's not sunflowers, but it's one of my last spring time floral designs before I start getting into my summer florals!  Daisies, sunflowers, little forget-me-nots.  Ahhh how I love the summer floral season.  Do florals even have a season or is it just a year round thing?  hmmm....

Let's take a look!

Colors Used:
  • FingerPaints - Party Teal Dawn
  • Zoya - Tomoko
I'm going to stop listing the white polish I used in my posts.  If I don't list it, it's a safe bet that it's ORLY White Tips.  If I'm doing a review of white, then I'll for sure share it, but I think it's getting annoying listing my same polish over and over again.  Probably should only list the polish I'm holding.....

Anyways, I love Party Teal Dawn.  Older polish of mine but still works like I just got it yesterday.  Two coats and full coverage.  Gosh I miss FingerPaints.  I used to get their PR packages, then they just stopped coming, and I haven't had any time to get to Sally Beauty so I really have forgotten about them.  Shame too, because they are one of my favorite brands.

What do you think?  Fan of this polish?  Fan of this manicure?

Until next time, <3.

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