The One With the Abstract Color Block Manicure

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Nothing to Disclose

Hey polished world! How are you all doing today?  I apologize for my lack of posting, although I feel I'm doing better in 2019 versus 2018.  Last week was crazy, it started with a snow storm, blossomed into an illness at work, causing me to wash my hands a zillion times, still getting sick, leading to the driest of dry skin and dry brittle nails breaking every other second.  Everything that could go wrong, did, and it's kind of dragging into this week.  Hopefully it gets has to, right?

Well, we will ignore the fact that tomorrow starts a cold streak for the next few days.  Wind chills are going to be in the -30s, the high temperatures of 3 degrees.  Not looking forward to it.  Therefore I'm trying to figure out ways to brighten my mood, which means bright nail art.  Now, I'm not ready for super neon nails, so today's nail art is a splash of color which I feel we really haven't seen in awhile here on The Little Canvas.

I'm in a blue, black, white, and silver mode.  Normal winter colors, right?  Today's manicure of course has some blue, but I mixed it with some pink and gold to make it a little different and a little bright.  I saw a similar manicure on Pinterest and I thought it was fun.

Let's take a look!

Colors Used:

  • ORLY - Cake Pop
  • ORLY - Frolic
  • ORLY - Under the Stars
  • Some random gold I cannot remember the name of......
Liking the manicure, hating the photos.  They really don't do it justice.  As you can see, my middle finger is a big broke and stubby compared to the rest.  Currently all my nails are chopped down to the nail line thanks to some major breaks, so I'm really feeling insecure about all my nail art on these little shorties.

Regardless of being so self conscience of my nail shape and size, I'm still liking the abstract design and feel of this manicure.  The colors went so well together.  Really loving Cake Pop by ORLY.  I forgot I owned this pale pink polish.  Covered completely in two coats, which I was surprised by because it was rather sheer on the first coat.  It built up quite nicely.  When it was dried, I went through and added all the random color block/dry brush swipes.

What do you think?  Fan of this manicure? Something you'd try?  Are your nails snapping and breaking too?

Until next time, <3.

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