The One With the #MonthlyManiFavs for February

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Hey everyone!!  How are you all doing today?  Yesterday we were slammed with snow, and now we are in a little lull before the next snow storm.  It's freezing though which is no fun.  I guess that just means more indoor time painting my nails and attempting to blog.  I shouldn't say attempting to blog,  I do feel I have been more active on my Social Media platforms.  So much so that I'm even going to have a few mani-swaps coming up over the next few days/weeks.

Due to the fact I have a mani swap coming up tomorrow, I'm going to be posting my Monthly Mani Favs for February while we are still in the month!  Shocker, right!?  Usually I'm posting like a week into the next month.  Guess I really am blogging better than I know just even a week ago when I didn't post for a week.  Goodness, I'm all over the place.

Let's take a look at the Monthly Mani Favs!

  • The One With the Pink Dry Brush Manicure - This was me dipping my toe into pink manicures for February, and well as you can tell by the rest of my favorites (minutes the next one) I kind of stuck to the pink theme.  It's weirdly growing on me, but I don't think this will last, especially after I slap some green on my nails over the next few weeks.  I really enjoyed the black mixed with the pink for this manicure, and that accent.  You know me and my silver accents, so this really was a nice change.
  • The One Where I Used 100 Pieces of Nail Art Tape and ILNP Mega X - Yes, you read that right, 100 pieces of nail art tape.  If you haven't checked this post out yet, you really need to.  It by far is my all time favorite manicure that I've ever created.  It was worth every.single.second. of time that it took me to create.  My crazy self might attempt to re-create it with some other colors in the future.  Maybe.
  • The One with the Rose Manicure for Valentine's Day! And Blog-Versary - I'm kind of surprised that this manicure didn't have more "likes" on Instagram.  Truly loved this little dainty rose design with the pretty Mystic Maven by ORLY.  Also, can you believe that I've been blogging for 7 years???  Just still crazy to me that I've been doing this for so long.  I don't see myself ending anytime soon either.  Well, unless I just forget to blog like I have been.
  • The One With the Heart Manicure - My pink hating self absolutely loved this manicure.  Just everything about it was so perfect.  It was something truly out of my comfort zone and I loved it so much that I can now see myself going out of my comfort zone again in the near future.
What do you think?  Which one is your favorite?

See you soon, <3.

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