The One With the Floppy Eared Easter Bunny

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Good morning polished world!!  How are you doing tonight?  I'm babying yet another injury to my right hand.  You might remember that a few weeks ago I ripped my middle finger nail half off in the freezer.  Yes, that's right, I somehow jammed my finger and half my fingernail ripped right off.  That grew back, and of course broke yesterday but that's not the injury I'm talking about. 

Friday night I was making a pot of sauce and was opening a can of crushed tomatoes.  The can opener was being a little testy and the can didn't open right away.  My smart self decided to push on the lid to hopefully loosen it.  Well, it loosened, and my finger went right into the can....and you can just imagine how my thumb looks right now.  Thankfully I didn't need any stitches, but it's still not pretty.  Thanks to some clever bandaging, I'm able to use my thumb and can paint my nails.  It just is awkward holding things a little differently than normal.  I'm so blessed that the injury isn't worse because let me tell you, it really could have been.

Long story short, in my last post I talked about delaying my Easter manicures because I was nervous that I wouldn't be able to paint.  I should have never said it, because look at me now, injured.  At least I did delay the post because that means I will have enough to share up until Easter.  Including today's manicure!

Let's take a look!

Colors Used:
  • Color Club - Pucci-Licious
  • ORLY - Mirrorball
  • Acrylics
Now, you might be saying "Alaina, this is a twist on the floppy ear design you have done year after year." And you're correct, to an extent.  I didn't come up with this cute nail art; 100% credit goes to SRG.Nails on Instagram.  I'm in love with her manicures and I feel I'm just re-creating all of her designs over and over again.

I was so happy to see her design because I was sitting down to re-create my manicure that I've done year after year, but I was getting kind of bored of it.  While it's one of my favorites, I just wasn't really feeling it.  I needed a switch up, and this manicure was that.  Same concept, same color scheme, just a different, adorable layout.  And adding that outline to the bunny was pure genius on her part.  Pain in the butt to do because the area is so small, but look at how cute it is!!!  I'm so proud of my little bow.

What do you think? Are you even reading anymore since this post is sooooo long??

 Until next time, <3.

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