The One With the Pink Floral Manicure

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Good morning polished world, and Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms out there!  Especially my momma!  I apologize for being MIA again, but this week really truly did get away from me.  When I did sit down on my computer, I had no urge to edit my nail photos or even blog.  Not going to lie, I've gotten a lot of television watching done.  Hulu Live is my friend.  One bone I have to pick with Hulu - their version of She's The Man is totally edited and missing huge sections.  Not cool.

Today's manicure is a cute pink floral manicure I did with a mish mosh of pinks from my collection.  I have about 70 new polishes to use but I have nowhere to store them until I build my new Melmers (maybe I'll do that today), so I'm going through all my old collection and using some oldies but goodies.  You know, all those polishes which I have forgotten about since I have overflowing drawers and shelves.  Maybe I'll get to building my drawers today so I can use my newbies.

Let's take a look at the pink floral design!

Colors Used: 

  • OPI - Suzi's Hungary Again
  • ORLY - Pink Noise
  • China Glaze - Merry Whatever.

ORLY Pink Noise - an oldie from the Spring 2018 Pastel City collection.  Literally have not used this one, so maybe it's a good thing that I haven't built my new drawers yet.  Two coats of this beauty and I had full coverage.  It is the PERFECT pink for an accent manicure to do some nail art over the top of.  I didn't expect myself to love this polish as much as I do.  I really need to use this one more often, or even for a summer pedicure color.  It's a pastel, but has a tinge of neon brightness.  It's just gorgeous.

Love the floral design that I did on top of it.  I've been on a floral kick, so the next few posts are all florals.  Hope you all don't mind.  I went through and edited all the photos yesterday and I was pleasantly surprised to see that all the florals that I've done do not look alike.  What I like about this one is the combination of the rose and daisy.  The overlapping of designs just makes it pop.

What do you think?  Fan of this manicure?  Love the pinks?

Until next time, <3.  (Which hopefully won't be another week)

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